Important Things to Note About Subculture

By Dickson Osas

Subcultures are beliefs held by a subset of a larger community that differ from the majority’s values and conventions. There are countless instances of subcultures in the United States, such as bikers, hippies, Goths, lovers of hip hop or heavy metal, and so on. Deviant subcultures are one topic of great attention.

A rogue subculture is one that significantly differs from the majority of members of a community in terms of its values and standards. For example, a criminal subculture is likely to emerge when a neighborhood or community is designed to encourage unlawful behavior, as was the case with the Mafia in the 1930s or inner-city gangs today.

Two separate subcultures, conflict and retreats, may emerge when people cannot locate legal or illegitimate opportunities. In part, conflict subcultures result from a nomadic population and a lack of community. As a result, many individuals become enraged and frustrated and resort to gang violence. The formation of a retreat subculture might have a different impact. A retreatist subculture might consist of high school dropouts who may also utilize drugs or alcohol.

Historic Subcultures

Some subcultures have endured for many years. They make for an intriguing sociological study. Here are a few societies that have taken the test of time:

  • Alcoholics Anonymous a group for alcoholics in recovery. Members get together to talk about shared issues with addiction. They look for a Higher Power who can show them the route to healing together.
  •  Beatnik – Jack Kerouac’s word for a movement that adhered to pseudo-intellectualism, drug use, and spiritual liberation in the 1950s and 1960s
  •  Motorcycle enthusiasts are known as “bikers” and frequently travel in groups.
  •  Fans of a movie, a celebrity, or any other shared interest
  •  The freak scene, a late 1960s counterculture that included aspects of punk and hippy
  •  LGBT, or lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, is a less marginalized group of people.
  •  Children of military parents who travel much are known as “military brats.”
  • Hispanic and Latino men and women are known as Pachuco/Pachuca and are recognized for their flashy attire and demeanor.
  • Rockabilly is a type of rock and roll that incorporates country, rhythm, and blues.
  • Skinhead – Early skinheads were unaffiliated with politics. White power is one example of a racial subculture that has evolved to include such people.
  •  Survivalists – those who deliberately plan for significant, widespread catastrophes
  • Zazou, a World War II-era French subculture distinguished by colorful attire and bebop and swing dancing 

Modern Subcultures

Today, finding a countercultural to hang out with is not difficult. How often do you notice people in the 1950s with rainbow-colored hair? Hardly any. People nowadays express themselves in a wide variety of methods. Check out if any of these contemporary subcultures grab your attention:

  • Afrofuturism is a vision of the future that integrates the arts, sciences, and technology from an African-American perspective.
  •  Bodybuilding involves employing specific exercises to mold the body into a lean, muscular form.
  •  Cosplay is when a group completely transforms into a fictional character.
  • Cybergoth is a rave and gothic fashion hybrid characterized by upbeat music.
  • Demoscene is a group of individuals that create demos for online play.
  •  The “emotional” movement, or “emo,” is aimed at extreme rock music fans who enjoy dynamic, passionate music.
  •  Gamers are individuals or groups who enjoy playing video games alone, with others, or online.
  •  Goths find beauty in things others might discover dark, such as clothes, decor, and more.
  • Grunge, an alternative rock movement that originated in Seattle and became well-known in the 1990s
  • Hip hop is an artistic movement that originated in the South Bronx in the 1970s. Hip hop enthusiasts appreciate breakdancing, graffiti, DJs who mix tunes with rap, and other forms of expression.
  •  Hipsters combine a variety of identities, such as urban life, thin jeans, retro fashion, and more.
  •  Hypebeast, a group of fashionistas with a high preference for street style and collectibles.
  •  Internet Subculture: a way of life centered on social networking, gaming, memes, cosplay, dating, chat rooms, and other online activities.
  • Metalcore is a genre of music that combines intense rock and heavy metal.
  •  New Age, a spiritual and metaphysical movement incorporating parapsychology, holistic health, and
  •  Otakus are fans of manga and anime.
  •  Rave Scene: These events are known for their rowdy behavior, loud music, and occasionally light or laser displays.
  •  Skater, a movement of teenagers and adults who enjoy skateboarding; Rivethead, a 1980s-era group of fans of industrial dance music.