11 Ways to Use Yogurt in Your Cooking

By Dotun Ola

Yogurt enhances every parfait or bowl of overnight oats with a cinnamon roll, but it’s so much more than that. It is a common ingredient in many different cuisines, from Indian food to Greek food, and it lends richness and tang to all of our favorite marinades, desserts, meals, and soups. You’ll realize just how much yogurt enhances your favorite foods once you’ve tried all of these delectable yogurt recipes.

Let’s get this out of the way, always choose full-fat yogurt when making your selection. Also, whole milk is essential because it may give these recipes more taste and richness.

Please take note that certain recipes only require Greek or normal plain yogurt. This is a type of yogurt that has been strained and considerably thicker and is ideal for tzatziki sauce, halal cart-style white sauce, and Greek feta dip.

Additionally, yogurt adds a remarkable acidic brightness that enlivens any marinade, sauce, or soup. Yogurt is a great tenderizer and flavor enhancer when used to marinate lamb or tandoori chicken. You would also enjoy adding a drizzle to your green goddess and mulligatawny soups, as well as incorporating it into tuna salads and lentil dal.

1. The Perfect Tzatziki

Tzatziki is a straightforward sauce that compliments chicken shawarma, served with additional cucumbers and pita, as well as other foods. It’s the sauce we always have on hand in the fridge.

To make it, yogurt, oil, and lemon juice should all be combined in a medium basin. Add dill, cucumber, and garlic, a pinch of red pepper flakes as well as salt, and other seasonings to taste.

2. Toasted Yogurt

This breakfast special requires quickly making a fancy-looking dessert out of bread and an egg-yogurt “custard” to add as the topping. Your creativity is the only limit to the topping options.

Mix the yogurt, egg, maple syrup, cinnamon, and cloves in a medium bowl,  form a well without tearing the bread by pressing with your fingers into the center of the loaf, and distribute evenly over the slices as you add the custard mixture.

Choose your favorite berry combination to garnish the custard and if you are using an oven, arrange the prepared bread slices on a baking sheet and bake for 10 to 13 minutes, or until the custard is set and the bread is golden brown.

3. Mulligatawny Soup

Mulligatawny soup is a spectacularly colored, pureed lentil soup with the ideal ratio of spiciness, creaminess, and sourness, as well as a tinge of sweetness. Mulligatawny’s most important ingredients are a combination of south Indian spices, creamy lentils, and a subdued acidic kick from Granny Smith apples and lemon.

4. Cucumber Riata

This yogurt-based South Asian dish is available in countless variations, including sweet bananas, crisp and vibrant sliced onions, and chilling cucumbers like this one. Riata can enhance just about anything, from hamburgers to falafel, despite the fact that it is traditionally served with South Asian cuisine like kebabs and naan.

5. Gyro Sandwich

All around Greece, you may find this lamb sandwich at little shops and eateries. Gyro sandwiches are filled with succulent spiced lamb, crunchy fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and a tangy yogurt sauce made with cucumbers and herbs known as tzatziki.

6. Greek Feta Dip

This dip, which was inspired by Greek salad, is infused with cucumbers, tomatoes, and feta, as well as yogurt and cream cheese for a fluffier, smoother texture.

7. Green Soup

When the weather gets chilly, a big bowl of warming soup is the way to go. Therefore the basis of the dish is our favorite salad dressing known as the green goddess. It was used for its potential to produce a fantastic soup since the creamy dressing is nutritious, herbaceous, and can enhance even the worst of salads.

8. Chicken Alfredo

This dish combines two creamy comfort foods: fettuccine alfredo and spicy chicken tikka masala. First, marinate boneless, skinless chicken thighs in yogurt then, sear the chicken until it is perfectly charred and tender.

You will have an outstanding, distinctive dinner on your hand by just tossing it with long pasta.

9. Raspberry-almond Cake

This includes both almond flour and extracts to give it an additional almond taste, and after being coated with a lovely glaze, more almonds are added on top and you can scatter ripe raspberries on it for a splash of color.

10. A Lamb Burger

This Greek-inspired lamb burger features feta yogurt sauce on both sides of the bun because it is the star of the show. If you have any leftovers, use them as a dip for pita chips or raw vegetables.

11. Meat Marinade

Lamb is one of the few meat varieties that screams special events, and this marinade will further heighten that feeling. This marinade is spicy and tangy, just as a good marinade should be, and it’s used to tenderize as well as provide flavor. Combine tart Greek yogurt, tangy olive oil, earthy herbs, and spices, as well as a few grated garlic cloves for a spicy zing, to create the most delectable flavor conceivable.