Best Food Apps Around the World

By Dickson Osas

The world is now moving in the fast lane, virtually everything can be done online, and food is no exception; several apps are dealing with food ordering and delivery, and gone are the days when you would have to walk several distances to the restaurant before you can eat, you don’t even have to spend time browsing through the menu to decide on the food to eat.

The primary purpose of these food delivery apps is to ensure convenience in ordering food without having to go through any intermediary; regardless of your location or how busy your schedule might be, you can get your food delivered to your doorstep without wasting any time, below is a quick rundown of some of the best food apps available:

Online Ordering of food is now a trendy thing, and both restaurants and customers can have a seamless transaction without having to lose sleep over food shopping; some of these food apps do more than just food shopping, they provide restaurants review, and they equally offer promo codes, coupons and extraordinary deals to the users, these apps also make it possible to make payments using the debit/credit card or you can opt for the COD option.

Best Food Delivery Apps 

1. Deliveroo

Photo by Carl Campbell

 This is a London-based food app that operates in over 150 cities and 12 countries worldwide; this app makes it possible to quickly browse the nearest restaurant to order your favorite food and get it delivered to you wherever you are. Available for iOS and Android users.

2. Faaso’s

Image by Anir Mitra

 Faasos is  another food delivery startup that exists to cater to the needs of people who may crave food any time of the day; regardless of your location, you can easily browse through the App and order favorites from the top nearby cuisine, either breakfast, lunch or dinner, Faasos will get it delivered without wasting time, and you can receive your food at the comfort of your home without losing a sweat, This app is available on both iOS and android

3. Just Eat

Just Eat Delivery
Photo by Jack Lucas Smith

 This is another popular food delivery app for food ordering; users can buy food from nearby restaurants and have it delivered to them at their location; this startup is headquartered in London, United Kingdom, and operates in 13 countries around the world. It is available on iOS.

4. Pizza hut

Pizza hut
Photo by famingjia inventor

 Pizza hut, just as the name implies, is a top Pizza delivery App, a startup called with the sole responsibility of delivering pizza. However, on this app, you can order several other types of food ranging from Pasta, Pizzas, appetizers, desserts, or beverages; it is available for iOS and Android users.

5. Domino Pizza

Domino's Pizza
Image by webdh

 This is another popular pizza delivery app; you can order your pizza from Domino and have it delivered to you either in your office or home; this app started as a telephone call pizza ordering service and has since graduated to offering in-app pizza order service, this app is available for both iOS and Android devices users.

6. Food panda

Foodpanda Delivery Driver
Photo by Singapore Stock Photos

 This is another lovely food delivery app, one of the most used; it is available in 13 different countries of the world; this app was designed with a pleasant user-friend interface that allows users to order food from their favorite restaurant and cuisines and have it delivered to them at their location with wasting time. This app is available for both iOS and Android phone users.

7. Uber eats

Uber eats Delivery
Photo by Robert Anasch

 This is a very popular food App, perhaps one of the most widely used food apps; this can be used for food orders in 3 easy steps, Browse, Order, and Track; Ubereats is available in over 1000 cities of the world, and it allows users to order food from their favorite restaurant and have it delivered to their doorstep. Users can place orders from any location and device.

8. zomato

Image by Coupon Codes

This app use the user’s location to filter nearby restaurant where user can order their favorite cuisine, the menu of each the restaurant is available on the app to help the users make an easy choice, and once the order is placed, the food gets delivered within a short period, the app is available to both android and ios users.

9. Swiggy

image by Neha Singh


 This is rapidly recognized as one of the most used food apps. Its growing popularity is making it the choice of people; it is one of the most used food apps; this app allows users to order food online with no minimum order. Value, users can buy as low as possible and still get the food delivered to their location. The app was designed with a simple and interactive UI/UX interface, which makes it easy to use for everyone regardless of the OS type on your phone or device.

10. Grubhub

image by Elvert Barnes

This is another popular food delivery app that makes it relatively seamless for people to order food from their favorite restaurant and have it delivered to their location; the Grubhub receive your order and sends your food through their drivers, and the food arrives on time, and at the right temperature, the promptness explain why more people are beginning to use the app to order food. Grubhub is available on iOS and android and can be downloaded from the Playstore.

To enjoy some of the best food ordering, download any of the above-listed Apps and begin to enjoy a seamless food ordering experience.