French Hot Dog and Its Recipe

By Dickson Osas

The word “French Hot Dog” gives the impression that France has its type of hot dog, but it is not like that, every country that is a big consumer of hot dogs also refers to their country as a hot dog producing country, but in fact, there is not a special hot dog in every country or everywhere. Yes, that’s right, there are no special hot dogs in any country anywhere; hot dogs in Denmark are no different from those in America, neither do the Austrians eat a different one, what distinguishes them from one another are only small with big differences that make them unique, 

When you talk about the French hot dogs and their uniqueness, you talk about how it is prepared; this is what differentiates them from popular American hot dogs, and Denmark, how? Because in France, the beef is dipped into the bread and is not cut properly, but they just simply peeled off the crumbs. This creates a small hole that makes space where the sauce is poured into it, and the sausages itself is inserted. It turns out to be just as tasty and yummy, but at the same time convenient to eat hot dogs, which are lightweight snacks that you can take along with you anywhere.

We will be teaching you how to prepare two simple homemade hotdogs, the sausage roll,

Simple Hotdog recipe (sausage)

 People call it the easiest French homemade hot dog; the nice thing is that it only has four components: bread, the beef, and two sauces – (mustard and ketchup). Since it is impossible to add some other ingredients to it due to the small crumbs, such hot dogs have a simple and normal taste, not too special just for you and your family and maybe a quick me to quench hunger, and among other things, they are prepared quickly.

The main ingredients you need to make your fast food hot dogs are:- baguettes – 1 piece, take hot dogs about three pieces, make sure you have mustard and ketchup – to sweeten the taste,


The number of sausages you will need will depend on the size of the baguette. Usually, 2-3 baguettes will suffice. Before we start the cooking and the preparation, we make sure to keep it clean and wash our hands; once we are done with that, we go on to boil water; this water will be used to soak the beef and immerse the beef in boiling water for a few minutes.

Make sure your bagel is ready; if it’s ready, divide it two or three times and send it to 

get warm in the oven. Remove some of the breadcrumbs from the hot bread core, just enough to get the sausage inside it. Spread a little mustard and ketchup over the top of the beef and place it in the hole in the center of the loaf.

If you would want it to taste more as a French hotdog add, then the sauce has to be a standard one, you can mix yours with ketchup, mustard and a little white garlic sauce to it, well I will teach you how to mix the sauce, so it can taste like a standard French hot dog, 

How to Prepare the Sauce

A standard sauce for a French hot dog, this is the popular method and ingredient used in the preparation of a standard French hot dog sauce, 


  • Mayonnaise
  • Dijon Mustard
  • Garlic Cloves
  • horseradish
  • Baguette 

 These are the ingredients you would need; depending on how big your baguette is,

Firstly, add mayonnaise of about 225 ml, mix it with Dijon mustard of about 35g, and add garlic cloves, one-piece, not to forget the horseradish sauce just a teaspoon is enough, also the baguette, the main ingredients the hotdog just add three pieces, 

These are the ingredients for the standard sauce with the hot dogs; You should not start mixing them now until you are boiling the baguette and frying the beef or sausage anyone depending on you, 

Preparation of the sauce 

Baguette bread can now be spiced up and turned into regular French hot dog buns; you just have to carefully open the baguette bread and remove the core. You can quickly mix the mayonnaise, garlic chicken, horseradish sauce, and mustard sauce ingredients while the bread is heating up and also grilling the beef, 

Don’t forget to add the prepared sauce with freshly ground black pepper and mix well for about 2mins till it’s smooth. Keep on mixing and tasting it until its flavor and taste meets your satisfaction, add more or less spicy ingredients, or if it does not satisfy enough, you can add a mayonnaise base to sweeten it. You can also add chopped cucumbers, fresh herbs, olives, or capers to the sauce.

So when you are done preparing the sauce, boil the beef to soften them for some minutes. While doing that, you can also start frying your baguette to save you time and stress,

By the time you are done, pour the sauce at the center of the bun and add the sausage to it, place it back into the oven for a few minutes, 

Boom, your French hot dog is ready,