How to Make Nigerian Homemade Shawarma With Available Recipes

By Eresto Odeh

Shawarma is one of the most famous snacks in the world; everyone wants to have a bit of it, including Nigerians. But it is getting suitable recipes that still taste like standard Shawarma is demanding for Nigerians.

Making a Homemade Version of Nigerian Shawarma is a bit trickish but can be done if all the requirement is well followed in detail.

Although the step-by-step guide might not be like the western countries’ guide to making Shawarma, the direction might be slightly different from commercial cooking.

There are different types of Shawarma made from other recipes:

1. Beef Shawarma

2. Chicken Shawarma

3. Fish Shawarma

4. Chopped Shawarma

5. Turkey Shawarma

6. Mixed Shawarma

Each Shawarma has a specific taste and a little bit different production process. However, if this guide is fully adhered to, it will still produce almost the same production taste.

Below are the Ingredients for preparing good homemade Shawarma in Nigeria.

1. Boneless chicken chest

2. Boneless chicken lap

3. Tomatoes (Slice into shapes)

4. Cucumber (Slice into shapes)

5. Ketchup

6. Cabbage (Slice into shapes)

7. Mayonnaise 

8. One tablespoon of sugar

9. Half cup of warm whole Milk (100 degrees)

10. One cup of warm water (1000C)

11. One teaspoon of olive oil, oil the bowl.

12. Three cups of bread flour or all-purpose flour

13. Half cup of flour (for dusting)

14. Two teaspoons of instant yeast

15. One tablespoon of melted butter

How to make the marinade:

Chilli Pepper

1 tablespoon of thyme powder

2 tablespoons of curry powder

Onions (Sliced into shapes)

1 tablespoon of garlic powder

Chicken seasoning cube


Vegetable oil


1. Place a cup of flour in a big bowl, add instant yeast, add some salt, add enough sugar, then mix.

2. Add butter, Milk, and then enough water to make the mixture moist. 

3. Mix the mixture through the use of a mixer or hand. (for better mixture, use a mixer)

4. Continually add flour bit by bit to have a soft dough texture.

5. With a clean surface board, knead the already well-mixed dough for about seven minutes. 

6. Add a tablespoon of groundnut oil to the container and place the dough in it. Cover with a clean tower or fossil paper for it to rise for about one hour and thirty minutes.

7. After achieving the aim to double its size, deflate it, divide the dough into different sizes, and place a lid to cover it to dry. 

8. Put a pan (non-Stick) on low heat and place each piece of dough into the pan.

9. Flip to another side when the golden brown color has been achieved.

10. Remove the well-prepared dough to a clean tray.

11. Wash and slice the vegetables into different shapes 

12. Place the marinade and chicken and mix it well. Cover and place it in a refrigerator for 5 hours.

13. In a nonstick pan/pot, drop some groundnut oil. Place the marinade mixture into the hot oil and fry until it appears brown. 

14. Mix mayonnaise and ketchup, then place the prepared shawarma bread on a clean surface. Spread the marinade mixture on it and add the chopped vegetable.

Now, Your Shawarma is ready!!!