Most Popular Foods in the World

By Dickson Osas


Every foodie gets excited about the possibility of tasting traditional cuisine from different parts of the world, putting a brand-new flavor through its paces for the first time, or at last getting the chance to savor that one-of-a-kind traditional dish they’ve heard about.

Visiting the countries around the world with the best cuisine and allowing your taste buds to direct you through the experience is one of our favorite things to do and the true pleasure of culinary travel.

The popularity of different types of food changes over time. In addition, you can find a list of the 7 most popular foods in the world today. These days, we are witnessing an increase in plant-based food, dishes made with local ingredients, and Instagram-friendly dishes.

List of 7 Most Popular Foods in the World


1. Pizza Margherita

Pizza Margherita Paris France
Photo by Inna Podolska

Pizza Margherita is such a delicacy that it could be served to a monarch. It was created at Pizzeria Brandi by a chef named Raffaele Esposito, who is also credited with being the product’s inventor. However, such a pizza was made before that time, at least as early as 1866. At that time, cheese and tomatoes were the most popular pizza toppings, but the pizza was not yet called Margherita. So Esposito named the dish after the Queen of Italy because she favored it and gave it the name pizza Margherita.

2. Banchan

Banchan, South Korea
Photo by Portuguese Gravity

Banchan is a broad term for many different Korean dishes that are usually served on small plates. Even though the word “banchan” means “side dish,” they are considered the most important part of a traditional Korean meal.

Among the many banchan dishes are kimchi, pickled vegetables, stir-fries, pancakes, and a variety of noodle and meat dishes, as well as kimchi, pickled vegetables and stir-fries. In most cases, plates are placed in the middle of a table and intended to be shared. Individual bowls of rice, grilled meat, and a big pot of stew are also part of the traditional table setting (jjigae).

3. Frozen Yogurt

Frozen Yogurt, Chloe's Soft Serve Fruit Co
Photo by Dan Gold

Frozen yogurt is a frozen dessert composed of yogurt and (occasionally) additional dairy products and flavorings. Since milk is used instead of cream, it has less fat than ice cream. Most of the time, frozen yogurt comes with various toppings, like strawberries, bananas, or chunks of cookies and candy.

The first frozen yogurt was made in New England in the 1970s, but no one knows who came up with the idea. At first, it was made as a low-fat alternative for people who liked ice cream.

4. kuru fasulye

white beans kuru fasulye
Photo by Tijana Drndarski

This traditional Turkish white bean stew is a staple in almost every home, and lokanta is a place where simple but filling meals are served to people on the go. Kuru is made with dried beans soaked and cooked with chopped onions, green peppers, tomatoes, and salsa (tomato paste).

In a variation called etli kuru fasulye, meat, usual lamb, is added to the dish.

5. Käsespätzle

Image by moerschy

A quick and easy dish, kasespatzle, is made by combining spaetzle pasta with a smooth and creamy mixture of melted cheese. The name “knopfle” refers to “little buttons,” which are what the noodles look like. Eggs, flour, milk or water, and various seasonings including salt, pepper, and (sometimes) nutmeg are the primary ingredients in their preparation. Suppose two or more cheese varieties are being used. In that case, they are usually melted together before being added to the noodle mixture and cooked in boiling salted water until they reach the desired consistency in Kase.

6. french onion soup

french onion soup with  Everything Croutons
Photo by sheri silver

Very few dishes can provide the same level of solace as French onion soup, which is prepared by slowly cooking sweet onions in a broth flavored with white wine and cognac. People believe that there has been a form of soup around at least since Roman times, but the current form is thought to have originated in Paris in the 18th century. A slice of baguette and some melted cheese are placed on top of the soup before it is presented to the customer in a ramekin. The french onion soup Recipe may include, garlic cloves, baguette, and more yummy ingredients

7. Laksa Soup

Malaysian soup, Laksa Soup
Image by Sharon Ang

Most people think of Malaysia when they think of laksa, a spicy, sweet, sour, and smelly soup from Southeast Asia. However, there are different ideas about where laksa came from in different countries, and there are many different kinds of laksa, depending on where they are made and how they are made. The soup is usually made with thick wheat noodles or rice vermicelli and a rich, spicy coconut milk broth or a sour Asam broth made with tamarind. It is served with chicken, shrimp, or fish.

Final Verdict

It is hard to say which country’s food is the best in the world or its food is the best overall. It is also difficult to determine which country has the best cuisine overall. 

There are numerous culinary traditions worldwide, each with its signature tastes and techniques for preparing food. Every nation and cuisine has its own distinct foods, its own distinct cooking methods, and styles, which can cater to a wide range of preferences and requirements. So we hope this post will help you learn about the 7 best dishes worldwide.