Simple Recipe for Cooking Nigerian Jollof Rice

By Dickson Osas

A brief story about Jollof

Jollof rice may be a West African rice dish. Long-grain rice, onions, tomatoes, vegetables, and meat are typically poached within the same pot. Nevertheless, the ingredients and preparation ways vary by location. The origins of jollof rice may be derived back to the Senegambian region of today’s Senegal, the Gambia, and Mauritius, which was dominated by the West African or Jolof Empire within the fourteenth century and enclosed elements of today’s African nation. The culinary art is predicated on a standard thieboudienne dish with rice, fish, shellfish, and vegetables. 

Various forms of Jollof rice
Nigerian Jollof
Ghana Jollof

Bissau-Guinean jollof

Best Method in cooking Family Jollof Rice

The food recipe is not quite difficult; it was made simpler in this article t help everyone understands the process without stress. As much as the ingredients and season are fully available and applied, the sweet Nigerian Jollof rice will be just as expected when necessary. It is advisable to serve the jollof rice with fried chicken, dodo and salad.


The ingredient of jollof rice is available everywhere; they are as follows 5 pieces of tomatoes, roughly sliced; 10 pieces of red pepper; 2 medium size onions (well sliced); 2 scotch bonnet peppers (also known as habanero peppers); 1/4 cup of groundnut oil; 3 tbsp tomato paste; 2 cups of parboiled rice; 2 1/2 cups of chicken stock; 1 tsp salt to taste; 1/2 tsp curry powder; 1/2 tsp thyme; 1 tsp all-purpose seasoning; 1 knor

Before making Jollof rice

1. To prepare the tomato stew, Place the fresh tomato mixture in a pot and heat over high heat until nearly all the water has evaporated. Add any watery canned or packaged tomato puree you may have to the pot and turn down the heat. Cook the tomato puree until as much water as possible has been dried out.

Continue to cook at very low heat, stirring briefly between batches, until the oil has entirely separated from the tomato puree. Unlike when you first added the oil and the tomato puree and oil was a smooth mixture, a well-fried tomato puree will also contain oil streaks.

Verify that the taste of raw tomato has been eliminated by tasting the fried tomato puree. With practice and time, you can even determine whether the tomato puree is properly fried by the aroma.

2. Add the firm tomato sauce you combined in stage 1 above, the chopped onions, and the vegetable oil, then mix thoroughly. It is best to make the tomato stew in advance and store it in the freezer. This makes it simple to incorporate into your cuisine if you want to prepare a dish that is related to jollof rice.

3. Wash and chop the whole chicken into pieces if you plan to use it with the thyme, Knorr cubes, and two onion bulbs, cook (chopped). The sort of chicken will determine the cooking time. The hen is unquestionably sweeter than the rooster or cockerel, although the latter cooks much more quickly.

Once finished, grill it in the oven. It could also be fried. This will give it a golden appearance that will make it look more respectable, especially if you are having dinner guests.

4. Parboil the rice following the instructions in Cooking Jollof Rice by Parboiling Rice. Put the parboiled rice in a colander after giving it a good rinse.

Procedure in cooking Jollof rice

1.  Use a food processor or blender to thoroughly puree your tomatoes, red pepper, and Scotch bonnet peppers for around 45 seconds.

2.  Heat your oil to a medium-high temperature in a medium-sized pot. When the oil is hot, add the reserved onions and cook them just until they are golden brown. Next, add the tomato paste and cook for two to three minutes after the onions have gone brown. After that,

sauté the mixture with the onions and tomato paste for about 30 minutes before adding the blended tomato mix (save about 1/4 cup and set aside). To prevent the tomato mixture from burning, make sure to stir frequently.

3.  Reduce the heat to medium and add the chicken stock after 30 minutes. Seasonings should be blended in (salt, curry powder, thyme, all-purpose seasoning, and the Knorr stock cube). Boil for a further 10 minutes.

4. Fill the pot with the parboiled rice. With the tomato stew, thoroughly combine. At this point, if additional water is required to bring the rice to a level with the tomato combination or chicken stock, do so.