Top 15 Igbo food

By Dickson Osas

Igbos have been known for their fantastic culture. From sayings, it is believed that Igbos have more local foods than any other tribe in Nigeria. There are numerous Igbo foods, but few will be listed below.  

Top Igbo Dishes

Utara na Ofe 

Utara na ofe is a very popular meal among the Igbos, also known as Swallow and soup. Another Igbo name for this meal is Nri Onuno, which mostly comes with solid foods like pounded yam, fufu, eba, semo, and the like. The meal is very nutritional to the body.


Ji is the Igbo for yam. It is largely eaten among the Igbo tribe. There are several ways to get yam cooked and consumed in Igbo land, which is quite different from other culture that eats yam. Igbo commonly consumed their yam with very well-prepared vegetables. The yam vegetable sauce I mostly called Agworo Agwo.


Osikapa, as it is widely known, is an Igbo food commonly called rice in English. Osikapa can be prepared in different means, but it is widely prepared with beans and stew. It is high in carbohydrates and gives adequate energy to the body system.


Abacha is another popular Igbo meal; It is also called African Salad. The main ingredient for Abacha is cassava. Abacha is a meal mostly used for entertaining guests in most Igbo land. Abacha can be made differently based on the town and community.


This meal is among the classified most nutritional Igbo food. Ono is widely known to e rich in protein, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins. It treats diabetes in Igboland and can be eaten with oil, garden eggs, or any other Igbo sauce.

Igba oka/Ukpo oka/Osu Oka/Moi Moi Oka 

The Igbo people’s signature dish, Igba Oka, also goes by the names Ukpo Oka, Osu Oka, Moi Moi Oka, or Corn Pudding. Igba Oka can also be made with dried and ground corn, but fresh corn is used more frequently during the corn season.


Okpa is another delicious delicacy in Igboland. This meal has several names like Lion’s meal or King’s food; it is a very common meal among Igbo anywhere you find their communities within Nigeria. Okpa is food from Bambara nut, which was processed into flour. Within fifty minutes, Okpa can be prepared. It’s mostly served in a leaf or tiny white nylon.


Nkwobi is an ever-popular delicious delicacy that originated from Igbo land and is found in every part of Nigeria. This meal comes in many kinds, paired with beef, goat meat, chicken, or fish. The most widely acceptable of all the varieties is the Isi Ewu, known as Goat head. 

Ji Mmiri oku 

Ji Mmiri oku is prepared with yam and stock fish pepper soup. It’s a popular Igbo meal. This meal is mostly prepared for the new nursing mothers immediately after delivery. This is fully enriched with pepper which speeds up healing in the new mother.


Ukwa is widely acceptable by the Igbo people and is made from breadfruits. It is prepared by pilling the seeds shell and cooked with soda and water until it is softened for consumption; it can be mixed with rice as well.


Achicha is commonly prepared with cocoyam (dried ones) and a popular seed called “fio fio.” This food is a locally made Igbo meal which scent leaf can be added to give a great aroma.

Akara Na Akamu 

Akara and Akamu, Also known as Beans cake and Pap, is a very common food among Igbo tribes. The akara is made from beans and fried till it’s brownish. At the same time, Akamu is prepared from millet or corn. This meal is generally found almost everywhere within Igboland.


Agbugbu, as it is widely called, is a sweet Igbo delicacy. The meal is prepared with yam and beans (pigeon peas). This meal is very easy to prepare. The other ingredient to sweeten this meal is palm oil, onion, pepper sauce, and crayfish.


Akidi is a meal prepared from tiny beans seed that is red or black. This meal can be prepared with Ugba. It is very high protein and is mostly found in Eastern Nigeria.


Ede, also known as cocoyam, is a common food of Igbo origin. Ede can be cooked and eaten in several ways, especially with vegetables.