Top 5 Most Popular Italian Foods

By Dotun Ola

Italian food is heaven! In Italy, love goes through the stomach – this is reflected in the devotion of the Italians to their local cuisine. But not only the Italians, but people all over the world agree:

You just have to love pizza, pasta, and gelato.

Whether it’s a pizzeria in the far hinterland of Umbria or the osteria run by Guiseppe in central Milan, you’re unlikely to meet a fellow countryman who wouldn’t describe Italian cuisine as the best in the world.

The pride and passion for traditional recipes and ingredients in Italy do not seem to wane in our global age where food cultures are rapidly merging, especially in international cities.

Italian Main Courses & Classics of Italian Cuisine

Although you are probably aware that Italian cuisine varies by region of the country and that pizza is not just pizza, Italian food is most commonly associated with the following foods.

in Italy – no matter which region of the country you visit – you will certainly not lack when choosing your pizza toppings: Fresh mozzarella, juicy ricotta, aromatic tomatoes, tender artichokes, fish and garlic, or grilled vegetables – with When it comes to Italian pizza, you are spoiled for choice!

A good Italian pizza is not baked in the oven, but in a traditional stone oven. The hot embers give what is probably the most well-known Italian delicacy its particularly crispy aroma.

1. Pasta

Arrabiata is not only the beginning of the pasta alphabet but also of the history of Italian cuisine.

Tomatoes and pasta have been used together in Italy for centuries as the basis for a wide variety of pasta recipes and therefore belong in the pantry of every restaurant, every student household, and every hostel kitchen.

The immense variety of pasta dishes and casseroles in Italian cuisine is remarkable and if you decided to try every imaginable pasta recipe, you would probably never stop cooking.

2. Meat

In the case of meat dishes, the greatest differences in the type and preparation can be found across regions. In Italy, meat is served in wafer-thin slices as a carpaccio, roasted as a juicy steak in the Florentine style, or cooked as a goulash.

You can also find meat such as bacon, salami, or Parma ham on all pizzas, pasta dishes, and salads.

3. Fish

Similar to meat, fish is usually served as a main course. Exceptions are pickled Italian specialties such as sardines on the starter plate of the antipasti, tuna with a salad, or scampi with spaghetti, tagliatelle, or other pasta.

Depending on taste and preference, Italians prepare their fish either fried or steamed, with lemon or spinach and cream.

4. Risotto

If you’re looking for a change after several meals consisting of pizza and pasta, risotto is a delicious but no less filling alternative to Italian cuisine and an incredibly delicious specialty of the country.

Since the short-grain rice used for risotto absorbs a large amount of water and wine during cooking and is then traditionally bound with a decent portion of (Parmesan) cheese, a small portion of the main course is usually enough to satisfy your hunger.

One of my favorites is mushroom risotto, but risotto with seafood and garlic, truffles, and other unusual ingredients are also part of the repertoire of Italian cuisine and are real delicacies.

5. Gnocchi

While the gnocchi is often erroneously found on restaurant menus under pasta, they are by no means in the pasta category. Gnocchi is small Italian dumplings made from potatoes and served with a delicious sauce.

The variations are just as diverse as those of pasta or pizza. Gnocchi is simply tossed in olive oil, garlic, and basil and garnished with tomatoes, served in a mushroom and cream sauce or with cheese sauce creations. But one thing is for sure: if you order gnocchi, you will always find a delicious Italian delicacy!