14  Weird Fun Facts

By Dickson Osas

Many unbelievable facts are strange to humans. This is because the earth comprises so many yet unknown things. The list of weird facts is long, but here are a few that will amaze you.

1. Dead bodies can be transformed into pearl “reefs.”

A cremate expertise firm has the workforce and equipment to transform dead bodies into a pearl “reef.” The firm turns these cremated bodies into reefs to help balance the agitating ecosystem.

2. The ape’s nickname “bonobo” was a result of a typo error

Apes are generally known as Bonobo. This is because apes were first discovered in Bolobo in Zaire in the 1920s. While the animal was being transported on a ship, the label was mistakenly misspelled, and, rather than Bolobo, they wrote Bonobo, which led to the name today.

3. Dolphins are brilliant animals.

Dolphins are among the most intelligent animals in the world, probably due to their ability to save mental energy. The sea creatures have perfected a clever method that creates and sustains half awareness even as a portion of their brain sleeps, as they must continually be alert for dangers.

4. Guinness most extended lock

A group of researchers and tutors created the longest padlock at the Art College, Palvovo, Western Russia. The lock measures about 144.272cm long, 104.9cm wide, and 25.908cm deep, which is the Guinness record for the enormous padlock ever.

5. Pandas defecate almost all the time. 

Pandas are known to love eating Bamboos, which are known to be very much difficult to digest. For Pandas to abstract a small amount of nutrient for their body use, they need to consume a large quantity of this meal (which is about 13kg in weight). Their bodies will utilize 20% of the consumed food and release about 80% of it as feces.

6. Pigs are not sweating animals.

Among all the animals, especially the domestic ones, pigs are the only animal without a sweating gland. Whenever they feel the heat, they gladly look around a swampy area to roll their body in to cool their bodies off.

7. Squirrel causes a power outage.

According to a report from APPA (America Public Power Association), It was discovered that Squirrel is a major casualty of a power outage in the country. This is because they bite off wire cables until they are disconnected, eventually leading to an outage of electricity.

8. About 25% of the body bone is located in the leg region

Every foot contains 26 bones. Out of the 206 total bones in your body, 52 bones, or more than 25%, are in your feet. At first, it might seem absurd, but consider this: Your feet enable you to jump, run, and climb while bearing your weight. Your feet’s bones and joints also will allow them to collect and release energy efficiently.

9. Every Blood donor must notify others in Sweden when their blood is given to others.

Some big Swedish hospitals send messages to donors after their blood has been given to someone in need to attract more young people to donate blood. It can be challenging to persuade a donor that provides blood to people they don’t know. But with the implementation of this system in 2012, prospective donors in Sweden now have evidence that their money will be used effectively.

10. Sunglasses were initially designed for judges in Chinese

Many people wear sunglasses to various events and places to help protect their eyes from sunburns and other discomforts. Sunglasses were first crafted from smokey quartz in 12th-century China when judges wore them to hide their feelings while questioning people.

11. Children of Identical twins ought to be called siblings

Cousins with look-alike twin parents have a 25% rather than a 12.5% DNA similarity. Step-siblings share about 25% of their DNA composition, while full siblings share 50%. Because of this, even if identical twin children are officially cousins, genetically speaking, they are half-siblings.

12. Just Horse, Crocodiles can do canter

Crocodiles have the same capacity as horses to canter on water. Although they don’t do it consistently, they can do so, and they can reach about 12Km/Hr.

13. New babies are about 75% water composition.

Every human is made up of water, but Babies are made up of more than 75% water, while an average adult is made up of about 50 to 60% water.

14. Honey can be made from weeds.

Though unknown, dandelion can be converted into a delicious meal. You can make excellent dandelion honey by gathering a number of the yellow weeds, gathering a few other ingredients (such as lemon, vanilla bean, or sugar), and following a few easy steps.