Funny Facts That Can Crack Your Ribs

By Dickson Osas

Many facts sound funny and unbelievable, but they are well confirmed. The blow is a few funny and laughable facts they might not know about.

Michael Jordan earns more than all of the Nike employees combined.

Michael Jordan, a retired basketball star, earns more money from Nike annually than all Malaysian Nike manufacturing workers.

Every nation’s flag features the Olympic color.

The Olympic flag is usually composed of a field of white with rings in the colors red, black, blue, green, and yellow. This is because every country on the planet’s flag features at least one of those colors.

Head-Booting the wall utilizes just about 150 calories

This calorie-burning approach might not be for you if you don’t like the prospect of losing brain tissue. Taking your dog for a 45-minute stroll would be a safer method to burn 150 calories.

You can owe only a guinea pig in Switzerland.

Although trying to execute this legislation may seem strange, it makes total sense. Animals like guinea pigs are social. Therefore, animals would grow lonely or melancholy, which nowadays constitutes animal cruelty.

The dread of being tickled by feathers is known as pteronophobia

The dread of being teased by feathers is known as pteronophobia. It might even involve a widespread fear of feathers in severe cases. Pteronophobia is a combination of the Greek terms ptero, which means “feather,” and phobia, which means “fear.”

Snakes can foretell earthquakes.

Many animals can predict earthquakes to varying degrees. Snakes are the most reliable because they can spot earthquakes up to 75 miles away (121 km). The fact that they can sense earthquakes up to five days in advance is even more impressive. Snakes frequently leave their nests when they feel an earthquake, even in severely cold conditions.

$10,000 was spent by someone on intangible art

An art buyer once bought a $10,000 piece of “non-visible” James Franco painting. The artwork was described as an “endless tank of oxygen.”

People have attempted to sue God.

Again, it may sound like one of those absurdly ridiculous anecdotes, but individuals have sued God for all the reasons you can think of. Most of these cases cite negligence, failure to protect people from the Devil, and other damaging actions of God.

Because they orient themselves toward the sun, bananas are curved

For a very long time, philosophers have pondered the shape of bananas, debating why they are curled till the sun sets. “Negative geo-tropism” is a process that bananas go through. Instead of growing downward toward the ground due to this process, the fruit grows upward toward the sun.

Most Koreans don’t smell bad in their underarms.

According to recent research from the University of Bristol, only 0.006% of Koreans have the ABCC11 gene. This gene brings on armpit odor. The study discovered that most East Asians lack this gene, with Koreans having the lowest prevalence.

7 percent of American adults think brown cows produce chocolate milk

Although seven percent may not seem like much, it equates to 16.4 million American adults. In light of this, it is a worrying truth. This demonstrates that one in ten Americans have a limited understanding of fundamental science or the origins of their food.

Without its tail, a kangaroo cannot hop.

When jumping, kangaroos rely on their tails for stability. As a result, if you lifted their tail, they would lose their balance and tumble. In some instances, kangaroos without seats can still move about. But they took a while to get used to it, and now they can only move in short bursts.

Animals hate country music.

Contrary to popular belief, cows do not seem to enjoy country music. According to studies, cows who listen to country music generate 3 percent less milk. 45 Scottish cows were used in the research and taught to listen to country and classical music. Their milk production increased when classical music played, with one specific cow producing one liter more milk than usual. However, 44 cows grew 3% less milk when listening to country music.

One day a man who had lost a bet officially changed his name

In 2009, a New Zealander who had lost a drunken poker wager changed his name to “Full Metal Havok Sexier N Intelligent Than Spock And All The Superheroes Combined with Frostnova.” The government authorized the name after five years. His new name is now present on all 99 characters of his official paperwork.

A strong sneeze might break a rib.

A forceful sneeze can break a rib. Suppressing a sneeze might cause a blood vessel in your head or neck to burst, which can be fatal. In addition, your eyeballs may pop out if you forcefully hold them open.