Random Fun Facts

By Dickson Osas

The truth about life is that there are many things that we have little knowledge and they exist somewhere, somehow, in the world today. These truths might be a closer one or some random facts that had to occur, and we know nothing about them.

The following are some random truths that everyone needs to know.

During pregnancy, hair and nails grow faster.

It is generally believed that needs and hairs grow faster than other body parts during pregnancy. This results from periodic modification during pregnancy with a high increase in supplies of metabolism nutrients.

Some snakes that live in the sea have skin-to-skin breathing.

It is well known that fish have gills to breathe under the water, but this capacity does not end with fish alone. The sea snake has the same ability to use its skin whenever they are underwater.

Iceland has no single mosquito.

Due to the low temperature in the republic of Iceland, mosquitoes find it very difficult to survive in the country. This low temperature doesn’t only affect mosquitoes but also affects all pests from breeding.

Mushroom glows in the darkness.

Mushrooms can glow in the darkness. Mushroom has about seventy to eighty varieties that shine; these varieties are also dangerous to eat.

Plantains and Bananas grow towards the sun.

Plantains and bananas grow curvy in search of sunlight to survive. They are also believed to be under the class of berry.

The tortoise is the oldest land animal.

The tortoise is believed to be the oldest animal known to be alive. The oldest tortoise is Jonathan, whom people consider to be born in 1832 and has lived in the Atlantic oceans from 1882 till date. He was about one hundred and eighty-seven years.

The name for people giving an opinion on the unknown topic is ultracrepidarian.

Everything on earth has a word standing for it, so also those who give their opinion on things that dumb of. The word that stands for this set of people is Ultracrepidarian.

Half of the world watched the 2018 world cup.

According to a report, approximately half of the entire world’s population, about 3.5 billion people, watched the 2018 FIFA World Cup of soccer, or football, as many foreign supporters refer it. The tournament is held every four years. That number is comparable to the Summer Olympics in 2016, although just 25% of the world’s population watched the less well-attended Winter Olympics in 2018.

The heart has the most complex muscle

According to the report, it was reported that the heart possesses the strongest working muscle in the entire body. The heart pumps about two thousand liters of blood daily with a steady beat throughout life.

The giant pizza is made in Rome

The largest and tallest pizza ever made was about 13,580feets which was created in 2012 in the city of Rome. The name given to the pizza was Ottavia.

The Highest structure in the United States

One World Trade Center in New York, which ranks sixth globally, is the highest structure in the US. To honor the anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, it is exactly 1,776 feet tall.

Queen Charlotte brought Christmas tree to Britain

Christmas trees were initially brought to Britain from Germany in the late 1700s by Queen Charlotte, not the spouse of Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, as many people believed. But in the middle of the 1800s, Victoria and Albert are credited with making the practice more common.

Lincoln Logs was invested in 1920

The Son of renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright, John Lloyd Wright, invented Lincoln Logs in the 1920s. They were named after Abraham Lincoln, who lived in a cabin as a child.

Play-Doh was initially a wallpaper cleaning firm

Before the manager of the floundering business learned the non-toxic substance made a great modeling clay for kids, it was used to clean wallpaper.

A teacher-created candy

A retired teacher created Candyland in the 1940s as a way to amuse kids who were being treated for polio at a hospital. Little ones could readily play because its color system did not require reading.

Red-billed quelea is the most populous wild bird.

Instead of the sparrow or blue jay, the red-billed quelea, which lives in Africa and is thought to have a population of 1.5 billion, is the most common wild bird in the world.

Tallest man who ever lives

Robert Wadlow, an American giant who lived from 1918 to 1940, set the record for the height of 8 feet, 11 inches. Wadlow’s unusually enlarged pituitary gland was the cause of his size.