10 Myths About Climate Change

By Dickson Osas

Ozone depletion has been a major discussion among world leaders. This is because it is the major cause of ozone depletion.

Understanding the social assumption around ozone depletion will make us know how true some things where and how scientists view the climate change we are currently experiencing. It will also enable you to separate logical facts from ordinary myths.

10 Common Myths About Ozone Depletion

1. The sun is becoming hotter day after day.

One of the common myths about ozone depletion is that the sun is getting hotter by itself. It is true to some degree that the sun plays a major role in the hotness or coldness of the earth, but findings show that the sun has been cool for the past thirty-five years.

The recent ozone depletion has resulted from human efforts to emit a large amount of CO2 into the sky through various means like Fossil release, incomplete combustion, engine exhausts, and many others.

2. Ozone depletion is a normal universe phenomenon

Many believe that the ozone depletion we are currently experiencing is just normal as usual. Many ascertained that this is not the first time the climate will be changing; it is just the same as in the past.

But the truth is that carbon in the atmosphere is far larger in quantity than the whole existence of humans, which is the major cause of ozone depletion and the sudden climate change we are facing now.

3. It’s still cold everywhere

Everyone believed that as a result of global warming, the earth is supposed to be experiencing more heat, and weather like winter shouldn’t exist again.

This misconception was even once stipulated by an American Senator who went out and brought a ball of snow to prove to the House that there is no climate change.

The issue is that many confuse weather with climate. Weather can be described as the climate conditions of different locations.

4. The climate change push is just an assumption

Many believe that the claimed climate change is just an assumption that can’t be proven with any fact. Coupled with past scientific predictions which never came past, such as the predicted Ice age, many people believe that ozone depletion is just a plan to put fear into humans.

5. Not by humans

Many assumed that the proclaimed ozone depletion, if ever true, is not caused by humans. The belief is that Plant utilizes carbon while Humans take in oxygen; carbon cannot be in the free air without plants. Forgetting that there has been a high rate of deforestation, carbon combustion, and fossil burning in recent years.

6. Technology is the answer to ozone depletion

The assumption that technology can solve the great immense of carbon emitted in the atmosphere might look true to a degree. Many believe technology can replace carbon-energized devices like petrol, diesel, and other carbonated compounds with electrical hybrid devices.

But, as much as they might be true, carbon from fossil combustion is 20% of the entire world’s carbon emitted into the atmosphere.

7. Mountain volcanoes cause more emissions than human

There are many assumptions that volcanoes release a very large amount of carbon into the ozone layer, which is the major cause of ozone depletion. Research made it known that volcanoes release only 1% of the entire carbon released by humans into the atmosphere.

8. The truth behind climate change is still yet unknown

Many still assumed that the climate is not changing and that truth behind the propaganda is yet to be verified and ascertained.

Findings from 2000 to 2009 state that it has been warmer than it used to be, and the northern Hemisphere is even warmer than it used to be about 1200 years ago.

9. The global scientist world has not fully conformed to the ozone depletion

The truth is that scientists have agreed that the earth is getting warmer at the usual rate compared to the past, and also that humans are the major cause of carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

10. An individual does not affect the ozone depletion affecting the world

 It is generally believed that each individual does not play any tangible role in curbing the ever-alarming ozone depletion we are currently facing.

On the contrary, all humans play one role in the depletion of the ozone layer, which subsequently led to the climatic change we are currently experiencing all over the world.

To solve this global problem, everyone needs to take responsibility for curbing and reducing fossil usage and reducing anything that will release a large level of emitted carbon.