Essential Guide to Language Learning

By Dickson Osas

Learning and understanding new language might seems complicated because it’s not your mother’s language or language you are familiar with. But by following the necessary steps, anyone can quickly learn a new language within a few weeks or months. Although you might not be at the professional level within weeks or months, the basic terms in the language will no longer be strange.

 How to learn a new language without stress

1. Set your plan and aims

Creating plans and specific aims is crucial to setting a definite objective and goal for the desired language exercise and learning. For example, how long do you want to take to understand the new language? What best-suited method do you want to utilize in understanding the desired language?

What is the measurement put in place to determine the extent of development? These goals will enable you to track your growth in the selected language. Things to look into are definite and reasonable results, write the goals down on paper, and start to challenge yourself.

2. Pick up the appropriate words to use 

A different language has its own voluminous words. So research the simple and common top one thousand words you can begin with. Concentrating on these simple words will curb the waste of time on difficult words.

3. Proceed with a simple sentence

To proceed, you can start with listening, watching, and reading short dialogues like short stories and plays. Then, learn the basic greetings and responses, how to ask for things in the new language, and many more. This will expose you to many words that make up the language.

4. Watch and listen to video conversations

Watching movies or videos in the new desired language is an excellent method of improving ones learning speed. One can get the all needed content by downloading on YouTube and other downloading channels available in your region. Moreover, you can use videos more conversant with the setup to give you a good idea of the interpretation.

5. Learn Smartly

Using study instruction to get the best of the learning and for quick assimilation is okay. Using a paper card to remember learned words for the day will significantly improve understanding.

6. Concentrate on the difficult words

If you want to learn a new language quickly, you must concentrate on the difficult words. Picking up just the simple words will reduce your learning rate, making it impossible to achieve the goals at the purported time.

7. Practice every learned word by pronunciation

To aid fast learning, you will need to pronounce every word regularly. Repeat these words regularly everywhere and in whatever you are engaging will help your understanding quickly and easily.

8. Be engrossed 

Trying to speak the new desired language often will aid you in becoming better in the language. Talking with people with the native language will ease the stress as you say it. Even if you do not have access to native people of the new language, you can engross yourself digitally by interacting with friends online.

9. Do not overburden yourself with two languages at once

This is an essential rule if you wish to learn fast, do not try two languages at the same because it will affect your speed of assimilation. Being focused is critical for achieving this aim at the specified time.

10. Avoid language hacks and focus on learning the new language well

You must work hard to be the best in the new learning. Many YouTubers will recommend a new hack for getting it done within a tickle of an eye, but the truth is that there is no secret hack for grabbing the best from the desired language. You will have to put in maximum effort to achieve desired expectations.

11. Avoid Subtitles as much as possible.

One of the most recommended methods by the Youtubers is that they will guide you to make use of subtitles while watching a movie in the new language. Avoiding subtitles is an excellent idea because it will affect your learning capacity and make you rely on the subtitle.

12. Be ready to engage in complex words

There is no way you won’t come across difficulties along the line in the new engagement, but be ever ready to encounter and overcome them. Tolerate the complexity at all times.