How to Block Any Website on Chrome

By Dickson Osas

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Are you seeking a straightforward method to prevent other users of Google Chrome and yourself from seeing a specific website? Or you want to know how to block a website on Chrome.


There are a variety of circumstances in which restricting specific websites’ access to your computer could be advantageous. For example, certain websites may be intentionally trying to steal your personal information, spreading viruses, or exposing you to adult content. While you may easily avoid visiting certain websites, it’s important to remember that not everyone who uses your device is in the same position as you. In these kinds of situations, it’s probably advisable to block specific websites.

There are a variety of methods for limiting access to websites. You can block websites on individual browsers only, the operating system as a whole, or even the network router itself. Here is how to block websites on Chrome

On the computer

If you only want to prevent access to websites on one workstation, you may set up a block at the operating system level. This method for controlling access to specific websites is not overly complicated and is compatible with all web browsers.

How to Block Access to Websites Using Google Chrome (Desktop)

Utilizing an extension is the simplest method for blocking a website in the desktop version of Chrome. There are a lot of choices available, but Block Site is the one that contains the most recent information and the most users who are actively using it.

The procedure of installing the extension takes virtually no time at all, similar to that of other Chrome extensions. To access the extension’s page, either click the link provided above or conduct a search for “Block Site” in the Chrome Web Store.

After that, you may add the websites you want to block to a list and then click the continue button when you’re done.

After installation, the extension will request your permission to record browser data, which you have the option to deny.

After that, you will see the application’s user interface, where you may add the very first site to be blocked. Then, to halt any website, type its URL into the address bar and press the enter key. So, for instance, you could stop

If you try to access Reddit during your workday, you will be presented with this choice instead.

Step-by-Step Guide to Temporarily Block a Website in Chrome

Block Site also allows you to temporarily block distractions while working if you don’t want to permanently block websites, but still want to focus on your job without interruptions.

However, the extension has to be pinned to take advantage of it. So if the icon isn’t visible on your toolbar, you’ll need to add it by clicking the puzzle piece, then pinning the Block Site button that appears after you do so.

By clicking on the Block Site icon in your toolbar, go to the Work Mode tab and select the “Get Started” option.

After that, you can add the websites you wish to block to a list, and when you’ve finished adding them, you can click the proceed button.

Set the time between working and taking a rest. A 5-minute break is included in the Pomodoro Technique interval of 25 minutes. Set it to an 8-hour workday if you choose.

How to Block a Website Without Using an Extension in Chrome

You don’t want to restrict websites by using an extension for Chrome, do you? Using the following two additional ways, you can completely block access to websites:

Editing the host file allows you to limit access to specific websites so long as you have administrative privileges on the system.

You can prevent your children or employees from using devices linked to your wifi network to view distracting websites by blocking access to those websites at the router level.

Final Verdict

Chrome is the most widely used browser on the planet, accounting for nearly 90% of all internet traffic.

However, Google has only implemented a limited number of ways for Chrome users to route internet traffic through various filters and privacy screens. Therefore, most of the time, an extension is necessary to discover a solution to any problem.
So by reading this post, you will get information on how to block a website on Chrome.