How to Delete Reddit Account

By Dickson Osas


Deleting Reddit Account

On a desktop

STEP 1: Log in to your account at In the upper right corner, click your profile image.

deactivating reddit account
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STEP 2: Click on user settings

reddit account
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STEP 3: Ensure that the Account Tab under User settings is selected.

How to delete Reddit account
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STEP 4: Click Delete Account after scrolling to the bottom.

How to Delete Reddit Account
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You may explain why you’re leaving on the We’re Sorry to See You Go page by typing it in the HELP IMPROVE REDDIT box. Enter your account username and password in the Verify Your Identity section. Then select the option next to I realize that deleted accounts cannot be recovered.

Make sure that you have erased all of your posts and comments if you haven’t already. If not, even after you’ve deleted your account, your previous posts and comments will always be accessible to others who may decide to exploit them.

check the box and click Delete

step by step how to delete reddit account
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STEP 6:One further cautionary message will appear on the Delete account pop-up. To completely delete your Reddit account, click DELETE.

How to delete your reddit account
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The only options to delete your Reddit account are through the iOS native mobile app or the web browser on your PC. Your username won’t be accessible anymore once you delete your account, and you will no longer have access to your account or your whole history of posts and comments. Therefore, please be highly certain before deleting your account.

  • Your posts and comments won’t be deleted if you delete your account. Check the FAQs on deleting your Reddit data if you want to erase your posts or comments before you terminate your account.
  • If you have Reddit Premium, be careful to cancel your membership before deleting your account because doing so will not end your subscription.
  • To confirm the account closure, type your Reddit password. Double-check that your password was typed accurately if you encounter a problem when trying to delete your account. 
  • Try some of Reddit troubleshooting recommendations if you’re still encountering deletion issues.

Administrators of Reddit are unable to remove an account on your behalf.

Depending on the platform you’re using, there are a few subtle differences in how to remove your account:


  • Click Delete Account in the Delete Account section of your Account Settings after visiting that page.
  •  If you signed up for your account using your Google or Apple ID, scroll down to the Connected Accounts section and select Disconnect next to the relevant account. You will be prompted to create a password if you don’t already have one.

On the website

  • Visit your preferences’ erase tab.
  • Before selecting remove account, enter your username and password and confirm your deletion.

On the iOS app

  • To access your profile menu, click your avatar.
  • Choose Settings, then press Delete account under Support.


you may simulate the desktop procedure using your Android mobile browser.

Use the mobile browser on your smartphone to visit Select the menu by tapping the top-right icon, the 3 Dash lines with a longer middle line and 1 shorter line above and below.

Deleting reddit on android
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