Important Things to Know About Whatsapp Desktop

By Dickson Osas

WhatsApp has become the most used app for interaction in our world today. Nearly everyone has WhatsApp on their phones which they use to interact with family and friends and for business purposes. With the merging of Meta, WhatsApp has taken a new turn of appearance but still retains its sense of connecting people. 

Many people who use Personal computers want the capability to use WhatsApp while working. They feel the need not to miss any updates while working on their computer. Also, with a wide keyboard, it is much easier to use a PC for WhatsApp than a mobile phone.

What does WhatsApp web mean?

You may use your WhatsApp account on a computer through WhatsApp Web, an online service. Users of WhatsApp can communicate with others via their computers rather than their phones. It is also a development for the mobile app. As a result, to use WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp must be downloaded and set up on your device.

On a computer, you log in using your phone to scan a QR code you log in using your phone to scan a QR code on a computer. Syncing your contacts and messages functions similarly to WhatsApp in that whatever you do on WhatsApp Web also occurs on your phone, and vice versa.

Starting with the WhatsApp web

Launch the browser of your choice on your laptop, type, and hit enter. It is now necessary to scan the QR code that appears on the screen. When WhatsApp is open on your Android device, select WhatsApp Web by tapping the vertical three-dot icon. To do the same on an iPhone or Android, available WhatsApp, select Settings, and then tap WhatsApp Web.

Now scan the QR code with the scanner on your computer. That’s it; WhatsApp Web will now be accessible on your computer. You can immediately start a conversation with your connections by opening their chat threads. You can also create a new chat by clicking the “new chat” icon. It can work on both windows and mac systems.

Using the Whatsapp App on a Pc

WhatsApp PC app is another version of the web version of WhatsApp. It’s stressless compared to the web version. Enter the website link into the browser’s address bar. A prompt will appear to download the app on your PC (either on Mac or Windows), then click on the download button to proceed.

The website can detect the operating system of the PC you are browsing with, so you will not need to choose for yourself the desired version. Set up the file by clicking on the run as administrator on your PC. After installation, Barcode codes will pop up like the Web version. To use the installed WhatsApp PC mode, scan the code that appears on the cellphone version of WhatsApp. Follow the same format as that of the web version to get WhatsApp working on the PC.

Advantages of Web version over Phone version

Easy to navigate: Rather than moving from phone to PC or vice versa whenever a message pop up, the web version will make it easy to navigate and still retain concentration on going to work. It is also easy to stuff on the app without needing the phone. For example, you can read and reply to a text on the web version.

Fasting typing Keyboard: unlike the phone ver, in which the keyboards are small and it’s as well can also resist speed typing, the PC version conquers that fault to zero. The PC version allows users to speed-type long messages to their peers.

Easy to share documents: another advantage of WhatsApp web over the mobile phone version is that it is straightforward to share files. To transfer files on the web version, all you need to do is you must drag and drop the document on the chat you intend to send a file. Or you can click on the share document button beside the typing box.

Disadvantages of WhatsApp web

Does not make a personal video call: This version doesn’t enable individuals to make a private call or video call to a particular peer or connect, but it allows group video or voice calls through a feature tagged “Messenger room Feature.” You can start by creating a link them share with your recipient to join the conversion.

Therefore, if you already use WhatsApp on any of your devices and haven’t tried the Web version or PC app yet, you can do so now by following the above step-by-step guide on how to use the web version.