Why Everybody Can Benefit From Therapy

By Dickson Osas

At the mention of the word therapy, many things that come to mind include mentally ill, unstable, weak, lazy, broken, and so many other things that put someone in a situation to seek a therapist’s help. Generally, people result to seeing a therapist when being faced with any type of challenge difficult to overcome on their own.

Other situation that requires therapy includes addiction, divorce, crying, depression, medications, poverty, and being suicidal; all these are obvious conditions that require helps to overcome. Still, aside from these things, therapy should be part of everybody’s life; make it a point to go for therapy every once in a while to ascertain your mental health status.

People go through situations that require professional assistance every time, but they just decide not to seek to avoid stigma; mostly, seeing a therapist makes people see you as someone going through a sort of problem that makes other people see you in a different light.

Self, Family, and Relationship Benefits of Therapy

What is therapy?

Therapy or counseling is the process of seeking assistance in resolving a particular problem or behavior from the professionals trained to provide treatment or rehabilitation for people who need assistance with certain mental behavior and cognitivism.

Who needs therapy?

You and I and almost everybody needs a therapist; I know you might be saying, I don’t need therapy, I’m doing fine, or nothing is wrong with me, yes maybe nothing is truly wrong with you, but that does not prevent you from seeing a therapist, even a functioning human being with a decent lifestyle could benefit from therapy, you don’t necessarily have to wait till things go wrong in your life before visiting a therapist. There are many things to consider before concluding that you don’t need therapy.

i. Health: Consider your health. How is it? What ways do you explore to ensure you enjoy all-around physical health status? Since we all know that having good physical health is as important as having a good life, having a routine for checking yourself out, investigating yourself to see if everything is okay with you, whether you fall sick or not, explains why most people exercise, eat well, or go for medical check-ups; the more you do this, the better.

Every living being has a health status; if ranked, you are either healthy or unhealthy. No matter where you fall in the ranking, you still need therapy to manage your situation. The ranking in human life changes at some point, and that depends on either genetics, lifestyle, or environment; people with good physical health will likely exercise or go to the gym to keep in shape and maintain a healthy body, while a sick person or someone who break a bone will possibly fall within an unhealthy rank status and will likely go to the hospital however you don’t have to wait till your health go bad before seeing doctor, go to the gym or exercise, of course, those are some forms of therapy.

Everything that applies to our physical health should apply to mental health as well, know your mental health status and try everything possible to keep it healthy; you don’t want to wait till something go wrong with your mental health before taking care of it, that is why you must visit a therapist t validate your mental health status.

The only problem with people is that they see going to the therapy as going to the hospital; it is not the same; going the therapy should be likened to going to the gym; it’s what you do to keep your mental health in order, for instance, if you regularly have a mood swing, does it take long before you get back to being your normal self after having a bad day, do you often transfer aggression when other people get you angry? These are simply signs we ignore, and they are enough reasons to go for therapy. Going for therapy doesn’t mean you are sick; it only means you want to live a happy life and do everything it takes to better yourself.

ii Training: Therapy is like an exercise for your brain, while therapists are like a physical trainers who will guide and tell you every exercise you need to strengthen your brain and what is required to achieve an excellent cognitive health status.

Bottom line 

If you have not considered getting yourself a therapist, make up your mind today to get yourself one, it could be a psychologist, a counselor, or a social worker, it doesn’t have to be every week thing, but it is advisable to schedule a routine visit to your therapist and get your mental health in shape, this is the habit of smart people, going to therapy is beneficial to everyone and making a habit can do a lot for you than you expected.