Latest Developments in Male Birth Control

By Dickson Osas

Pills, IUDs, the patch, implants, and other classic birth control methods spring to mind when discussing birth control and some other traditional birth control methods, but the problem is all these methods are for females; only condoms and vasectomies are the only known male birth control methods approved till date and efforts are intensified for new male child control methods, one example that has gone through series of test and considered to be in the advance stage will be discussed here, read further as more light is shed on this nocent male birth control treatment.

Scientists and the Modern Birth Control Treatment

Despite much research on safe reversible male birth control products, no one has successfully made it out of the laboratory, but researchers never stop looking for safe methods of birth control for males; According to recent research, a group of experts on the hunt for a safe and efficient male contraceptive created vasalgel, a new control medication. Vasalgel is a sticky gel injected into the vas Reverend tube to prevent sperm from mixing with the fertilization.

Which means the sperm is blocked from swimming out.No sperm means no fertilization, and since there is no fertilization, there can’t be pregnancy; it was equally designed to be a reversible contraceptive so that when there is no need for it again, the gel can be broken down and flushed out from the vas deferens tube.

This contraceptive technique was tested on animals such as rats and rabbits before being tested on people, and it was shown to be an effective birth control method. The most recent one was when it was tested in 8 rhesus monkeys in California; they were released back to their Monkey lives, mating with fertile female monkeys; this process was allowed to go on for two years none of the monkeys that went through the birth control treatment was able to father a during those time which proved the efficacy of the vasalgel birth control treatment.

Vasalgel, how safe Is it?

Even after a series of tests on animals, it still can not be tested on humans; despite having a 100% success rate on monkeys, it’s still far from being safe to use on humans. While testing on monkeys, something happened that made the discovery far from perfect; during Vasalgel injection on one Monkey, a side was not properly filled, which left space on the vas deferens tube, the Monkey ended up with vasectomy, and for that reason, no one can truly give all the okay to be used on a human.

 The simple fact that it has not been tried on humans is why it can not be said to be a perfect male child control treatment; another downside to it is the sperm granuloma, which happens by forming lumps of sperm due to the inability of the sperm to swim outside of the vas deferens, although researches still show that Monkey that had Vasalgel injected into them had a lesser rate of sperm granuloma compared to the one that had vasectomies.

Reversible, how true?

The series of tests carried out on the rhesus monkeys was not flushed out, so the reversible rate can not be ascertained in primates; however, when it comes to its usefulness in controlling births, it has a very high success rate, indicating that there is still a lot of work to be done. Before Vasalgel can be put to widespread use, it is up to a promising start if more research is done. The treatment is finally considered safe and effective to be used on humans, this gel will be the first of its kind, and it will be wildly accepted for its effectiveness and reversible nature; it may be the time for men to shoulder the child control responsibility.

For a very long time, birth control has always been the women’s responsibility since they are the one that gets pregnant and gives birth. To shift this responsibility to men, there have to be numerous child control options other than the condom and vasectomy; providing a safe child control for men will make it easy for families to set a family planning foundation together and make joint decisions on who will be the perfect person go through the child control procedure. However, It becomes a lot easier when the child control responsibility isn’t just women’s, but men too can participate in family planning and child control processes.