A Giant Tv Screen Falls on Boy Band Mirror Dancers

By Dickson Osas

Boyband Mirror Hong Kong Concert

A large video panel fell onto a stage during a performance by Hong Kong boy band Mirror, hurting at least two dancers, one of whom was critically injured, and forcing officials to prohibit the group from playing until an inquiry is completed.
On Thursday, video recordings of the screen falling circulated on social media, and Hong Kong media claimed that three members of the crowd were also injured.

In addition, social media was swamped with video snippets from the event showing the enormous screen rupturing and falling on the performers.
The government will examine and evaluate safety measures to protect performers, workers, and the general public.

The accident in Hong Kong’s Coliseum, near Victoria Harbour, injured none of the 12 members of Mirror.
The local administration had asked the band performing at the venue for a 12-show run to postpone its concerts.
According to Culture Secretary Kevin Yeung, shows at the venue have been canceled until the stage structure is considered safe.

Based on first observations, a wire cracked, causing the screen to collapse and injuring the dancers,” Yeung said during a press conference on Friday. “I am shocked,” said Hong Kong chief executive John Lee. “I express sympathy to those who were injured and hope that they would recover soon.

More than 13,000 fans of Mirror joined an online petition requesting that the event promoter fix the issues and guarantee the security of every musician.

MakerVille, the event promoter owned by PCCW Media Group, a Hong Kong businessman Richard Li subsidiary, said it was carefully examining the incident’s cause.