Mother’s Day

By Dickson Osas

When we talk about mothers day, it’s not just a casual day or a day that is just randomly celebrated; it’s a day that is chosen to celebrate a very special, unique set of people; these people are rare gems, the reasons behind our smiles, the ones with the most sacrifices, they are selfless beings, they left everything for our happiness, They went through pains, lots of sleepless nights, lots of nights where they would pray, days of work and sweat all in the name of their kids, Before I go further, who are these set of people that we are talking about, These are our mothers but let’s first understand the word “mother,” Who’s a mother?
Have you asked yourself who a mother is? I’ll give you two definitions of what a mother means, The Dictionary Definition and the Layman’s Emotional Definition, Dictionary Meaning of a mother is a female parent or someone who gives birth to a child and raises them; there are all the other definitions defined by dictionaries other than an oxford or google. We all know these definitions, but this definition only appeals to the simple human understanding; the definition of a mother is emotionally attached, so there is an objection to this definition and sometimes questions this definition.
Why? Because not all mothers are involved in the child’s birth process, and not all mothers give their all for the well-being of their child, what is the definition of a mother?
What does mother mean? A mother is someone who parents a child, not just births the child but gives her all, sacrificing her dreams her happiness just to give her child or someone she loves a happy and fulfilled life, it does not necessarily mean she is the one who gave birth to the child but the fact she was responsible for the child’s upkeep, she took care of the child, gave the child life, So a mother can be your biological mum, or your guardian, Your wife, Your fiance that woman figure who has given you everything in their life, So now that we have broken the definition of a mother and now you see how much they mean to you, how much they need to be appreciated and their underrated efforts in our lives, along with their unconditional and undying love. When is the right time to celebrate mothers?
Well, they are meant to be celebrated every day; the thing is, we need to show them how valuable they are to us now they are alive; thank God the world has seen how valuable our mothers are to us and has picked a special day to celebrate them, just as America chose May 8 as the day to celebrate all of our inner mothers and outside America, to show them that their effort has not gone unnoticed and appreciated, to show them we care about them, to tell them they are the best in the world and how much we love them. So now you know the date, you need to start making plans on how to make this woman happy, even if you have never given them a gift or appreciated them; well, May 8 will be a redemption day for you; well, celebrating and appreciating your mother that day doesn’t mean you have to buy them the world or do something extraordinary, All that they want from you, is that you just acknowledge, appreciate them and make them happy, they just want you to give them back the love they gave you, And yes they deserve it How to make your mother’s mothers day special
Let her wake up to your message, just say how much you love her, show her how much you appreciate her and take care of her; You can just send her a text saying.
“Hello, mom, I just want to tell you that you are the best in the world; I love you so much, thank you for your sacrifices, mom. “These alone will not only put a smile on her face but will make her feel fulfilled with inner joy, she would shower you with prayers, and you know how important and strong a mother’s prayer is; well, you can also go a long way by making her day more memorable by getting her some beautiful gifts, Well, any gift you would be giving your mum, should be something she always sees, something that when she sees, it will give her so much joy, happiness, well that can’t be something eatable, so I will drop a list of gifts ideas you can buy for your mother on Mother’s Day, List Of Gifts You Can Get Your Mother For Mother’s Day There are several gifts that you can get your mother, that will make her day special and memorable.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


you can get your mother a customized mug with a short caption on it, well the captions depend on you, you can write the following on it “The best mum ever,” “I LOVE YOU MUM,” “THE SPECIAL ONE.”


You can get your mum a customized bracelet; I bet you that bracelet will never leave her hands; she would wear it anywhere and everywhere; she would show and tell every soul that comes her way how important that bracelet is to her,


Mothers and women cherish necklaces so much when it comes from someone they love so much they keep them with all their heart and soul because it’s an expression of love.


This is also something of so much value that when you give it to your mother, she would so much appreciate it.


You can do a portrait or frame of your mum’s picture with any caption; she would so much love it and appreciate it

● Women’s Shawl:

You can also get her this, for she would so much appreciate it and it will be the first she wears when it’s winter or even during the summer.


This is also a gift you can get for your mum that she would so much appreciate.


This will be so so amazing like she would love it, where you mix up all her favorite pictures.


When she cracks the handle of the music box, she listens to one of her favorite songs; it will always put a smile on her face; so this article was written so you could put a smile on your mother’s face and those who stood as a mother figure in your life, it’s just you appreciating them.