Thursday, July 28: Wordle answer #404

By Dickson Osas


All of the Wordle assistance you require now is right here. In addition, I can give you a hint for the July 28 (404) crossword; the answer is just a short stroll below, and there are many tips and methods.

Today is indeed the 404th Wordle, and while that may not be a historically significant number, it almost sounds like poor luck on the internet—nobody wants to have a 404 error, do they? Fortunately, this play on words of a number did not influence our puzzle game outcome today, and I seemed to breeze through it stress-free.

Today’s Wordle hint is for July 28.

Allow us to ease your burden with our list of three helpful pointers if you’re having problems deciphering today’s Wordle answer:

  • First, the word in today’s Wordle starts with a typical consonant pair.
  • “O” is the single vowel.
  • it’s from a very Popular Dance movie from 2007
  • —- THE YARD

Wordle New York Times

Josh Wardle, a software engineer, designed the game, and once it became a global hit, he sold the well-liked word game to the New York Times.

“Since releasing Wordle, I have been in amazement at the response of everyone who has played,” he said in a tweet.

“The game has grown more than I could have ever imagined (which, I suppose, isn’t really a feat considering I made the game for a single audience).

It’s been amazing to see the game provide so much happiness to so many people, and I’m so appreciative of the personal tales some of you have shared with me about how Wordle has brought together distant family members and sparked friendly rivalries and helped people recover from illness.

Today’s Wordle answer, July 28, is Stomp

According to the Merriam-webster
tread heavily and noisily, typically in order to show anger.