Wordle Today: Answer and Hints for Wordle 407 for July 31

By Dickson Osas

Wordle #407: Wordle has become extremely popular, and even if you’ve resisted playing the daily game, you’ve probably seen the illusive squares all over social media. The game’s objective is to identify a five-letter word in just six tries.

Only genuine words are permitted in guesses and the outcome, and the game follows the same rules as Scrabble.
The square glows green if you place each letter correctly and create the desired word.
However, the square becomes yellow if the predicted letter is in the word but not where it should be.
For the six attempts, incorrect letters are highlighted in gray to aid the elimination process.

Hints for the Wordle 407 for July 31, 2022

Even though the last Wordle for July 2022 is quite simple, some novice or lost Wordle players might want a suggestion or two to maintain their winning streaks.
The five-letter Wordle word of the day contains no duplicate letters.

Don’t scroll down just yet if you’re still struggling to maintain your streak; perhaps some tips will help.

  • The word for today has a C at the beginning and a P at the finish.
  • It has a single vowel.
  • The five-letter word for today ends in P.
  • This phrase has both a noun and a verb.
  • A lot of women use this word during their menstrual period; I’m having—–
  • This word has one C in it.
  • This word has just one vowel.

Answer for today’s Wordle Sunday, July 31