6 Mistakes That Prevents You From Achieving Your Goals

By Dotun Ola

Goals, objectives, dreams… We all have ours and many times they are the engine that makes us get up every day. However, you can be doing things that distance you from them without realizing it.

We all make mistakes when trying to achieve goals in life, it’s normal. It is best to get up from the fall, learn the lesson and continue forward.

Now, it will always be better if we know in advance what series of things are going to prevent us from achieving goals from the first moment. Today we point out some of them.

1. Something more than a wish

In any decision process, there must be a phase of desire. Before starting and taking the necessary measures to achieve goals, we reflect on what we want and the image of what we want becomes more concrete.

The mistake lies in always remaining in this phase. It is not enough just to wish for something or imagine something. The desire must exist but steps must be taken to bring us closer to the goal.

Many people get stuck in the desire phase. “I would like to do this or that”, “I would like to start this or that”, and “I would give anything to achieve that goal”, are phrases that are often repeated. But day after day they park that desire and never decide to take the step.

Goals, achievements, and dreams do not usually appear overnight by magic. There are exceptions, as in everything, but waiting for the dream of our life to come knocking at our door can keep us sitting all our lives.

Whatever the goal, whatever the dream that we would like to fulfill, and once we have it clear, we must start acting.

2. Procrastination: The “art” of postponing everything

It is another of the most common mistakes. I want to join the gym and start feeling agile, I want to learn English to travel around the world with my backpack, I want to study this career and dedicate myself to what I like, but I better start tomorrow.

And tomorrow arrives and we think that the best thing is to start on Monday. And Monday comes and we think that next month is better for us. And when we realize it, the time has passed and, possibly, the opportunity.

We always have the perfect excuse not to start today or tomorrow. And the truth is that the circumstances are rarely the “ideal” to start the path towards our goals.

We must avoid this mentality as much as possible, and stop postponing plans and objectives. Start tomorrow or better today. Even if we start taking small steps, we will already be closer to our dream than before, and that is what matters.

3. What others think

It is one of the factors that further away from us from our goals. You are clear about what you want, you are very excited and you want to start as soon as possible, but you have spoken with a friend and his opinion has led you to rethink things.

“What you want to achieve is very difficult”, “very few achieve what you say”, and with phrases like these, they dynamite your illusions, making you believe that what you want is impossible and that you will not achieve it.

If all people throughout history had been guided by the opinion of others, there would never have been anyone who had achieved anything. And the stories of people who have “turned a deaf ear” to these opinions, people who have not been satisfied with what they have had and have fought and achieved their dreams, are many.

No one should make you feel like you won’t make it. These people behave like this because they feel unable to fight for their dreams. You decide if you want them to decide what you have or don’t have to fight for.

4. Let opportunities pass you by

You have been waiting for months, years, for it to arrive and it has arrived. The opportunity you were waiting for is in front of you. The logical thing is to think that you will not hesitate and take advantage of that opportunity.

For many people, this is not so clear. When their chance comes, they let it slip away, often with excuses. And they may once again have the opportunity to “get on their train”. But it is also possible that they will never have it again.

The moment was not right, the circumstances were not “accompanied”, and they did not feel prepared. It does not matter. In the same way that we have pointed out before, perfect circumstances may never happen, but the opportunities do come and they may only come once, they are not unlimited.

Take advantage of opportunities when you have the opportunity.

5. Do not listen to intuition

Sometimes the situations we face are somehow ambiguous. We must make a decision that can bring us closer to our dreams but we have many doubts.

Normally, an analysis of the situation, studying the pros and cons, can help us to see more clearly what decision we must make, but other times the pros and cons will be even and we will need to guide ourselves in another way.

When we face this type of situation, we usually have a kind of feeling that subjectively indicates the correct path. Our intuition, our instinct, and our feelings about it tend to tip the balance to one side and it is time to pay attention.

If we feel that voice, that sensation, that intuition that tells us that things can turn out very well if we decide on A or B, we should pay attention to it. When we ignore our intuition, we are often left with the feeling that we have not done the right thing, that we have “betrayed” ourselves. Don’t let that be your case.

6. I can do it by myself

Normally no, you can’t. And if you can, it will take you much longer and it will be much more difficult.

Many people think that they will achieve their goals by themselves, only with their two hands, without help from anyone. They may not like to ask for help, they may be afraid to ask for help, or they may think that no one can help them. And they may not be able to help you with everything or solve all your problems, but the road is usually easier if we do it together.

We have to be clear that none of us knows everything or has all the resources. On the way to our goals, we will need things that we cannot obtain by ourselves and we will have to ask for help from people who can provide them.

Also, when it comes to achieving goals or anything else in life, the relationships we establish with other people, either because we share similar goals, because we give and receive help, etc., is usually the factor that most enriches our lives and makes us grow.

You don’t have to build the boat towards your dreams by yourself. You will arrive earlier and better prepared if they help you build it and row.