Job Opportunities at Walmart

By Dickson Osas

As a global retail company, Walmart is currently the biggest retailer in the world. Walmart started out as a small bargain shop in Rogers, Arkansas. Sam Walton created it to provide low-cost goods with top-notch customer support. Walmart quickly grew from its first location in 1963 to 10,500 Locations.

Due to its ongoing expansion and growth into new markets, this business frequently requires more employees. To fill available positions and satisfy customers’ needs, Walmart frequently recruits job candidates with almost zero experience. Candidates must be friendly, have good customer relations skills, and be flexible at work.

Interested parties can submit their applications for jobs at Walmart online or in person. According to the shop, job applicants must be above 18 to apply for any position. Walmart employs people in different positions like a permanent, contract, and part-time workers.

Information on Walmart Jobs and Salaries

Entry-level jobs at Walmart could be anything from those requiring some manual labor to those in customer service. Most associates begin with pay rates above the federal minimum wage and subsequently increase. The list below just represents a small portion of the numerous positions available:

Jobs and Positions Available at Walmart 

Front desk and teller 

These are quick-paced positions that call for multitasking and outstanding customer service.

Cashiers and front-line staff members scan merchandise, inform consumers about sales or pricing, bag merchandise, count money, and clean up their work areas.

Their expected hourly wages are around 12 to 17 dollars, irrespective of experience.

Foods and Groceries 

Walmart employees work in many divisions, including food and grocery. Workers might chop meat, top cakes in the pastry shop, or assist shoppers that come for shopping. Employees in this position make between $12 and $22 per hour.


The sales staff at Walmart assist consumers in finding what they need in the store, maintaining product organization, restocking, and responding to inquiries. Two essential qualities for the position are an optimistic outlook and a desire to assist others. The hourly pay range for sales workers at Walmart is $12 to $17.

Offloading and Restock

Workers within those positions are constantly on the go, either offloading lorries or moving inventory. Stocking and unloading is a wonderful job for people who like physically demanding, fast-paced labor. The hourly pay for these jobs ranges from $13 to $21 per employee.

Temporary Supervisors

Hourly supervisors oversee specific parts of the shop and guide the salespeople by giving them guidance and support. Supervisors collaborate with team leads and managers to uphold store standards and guarantee customer satisfaction. The hourly wage for someone in this advanced job can reach $30.

Assistant Manager

Budgeting, planning, and developing new growth prospects are all necessary for this position. The assistant manager supports the store manager, mentors new hires, and maintains Walmart’s good customer relations standards. Develop sales tactics, make merchandising decisions, and contribute to Walmart’s environmental initiatives. The average assistant manager earns between $40,000 and $50,000 annually.

Department Manager

Price reductions within the department are the responsibility of the department manager. Candidates for this managerial role must be able to make modular displays, maintain fully stocked shelves, and remove recalled goods from the sales floor. Adjust existing merchandise prices, take recalled goods off the shelves, and design and manage end-cap displays. The hourly wage for a department manager ranges from $11 to $12.

Store Manager

While promoting sales, the store manager is tasked with inspiring staff. Essential backstage responsibilities include planning, payment, and supply chain management. Sales volume provides quarterly bonuses for the store manager.

Pharmacy Assistant

Processing prescriptions and insurance denials require technicians. Job responsibilities include keeping the automated medicine counting machines in good functioning order and maintaining the drug inventory. Good candidates will have pharmacy experience in a hospital or retail setting.


The pharmacy and over-the-counter sectors fall under the purview of the pharmacy manager. Candidates must make sure that these Walmart divisions adhere to safety and legal requirements. When dealing with patient data, confidentiality is of the utmost significance. The annual salary of a pharmacy manager is about $120,000.



Once engaged, optometrists must provide optical care to clients, which may include but is not limited to helping clients choose eyewear, consulting with clients, and educating clients. All other personnel working in vision care will be under the optometrist’s supervision. Offer consumers optical treatment, help with purchasing eyewear, and distribute medications – The regular Walmart optometrist earns between $90,000 and $100,000 per year.