MIndset: What is It to Identify Yours?

By Dickson Osas

The term mindset has been gaining over the years, especially in the corporate sphere. Although it seems simple, the concept of mindset is the object of study and application by several professionals, as its development has to do with success, professional growth, and a successful career.

Nevertheless, developing a mindset and applying your ideals can contribute to professional growth and improve how a person sees the world and deals with himself.

If you want to know everything about mindset, how to develop a positive attitude, and enjoy its benefits, keep reading this text!

How to identify your mindset?

To be able to identify your type of mindset, you can answer the questions below:

1. How do I see my achievements?

Disorders such as Imposter Syndrome and Burnout Syndrome are pretty common in the job market – and are closely linked to the person’s mindset. You probably have a fixed mindset if you have trouble recognizing your achievements. This is because when we don’t value ourselves, we tend to create a harmful air about who we are and how we want to be seen by others. This compromises our worldview. Therefore, seeking to develop self-confidence and learn to value yourself is essential. How do I deal with new experiences?

Another characteristic of someone with fixed mindset traits is not being open to new experiences and possibilities. It may be not wanting to take on a new role at work or not wanting to change jobs (even if this represents advantages), among other situations. The fear of the unknown paralyzes people from growing, developing, and living our opportunities.

2. How do I deal with failure?

How do you deal with failure, mistakes, or even small situations that got out of hand? When something goes wrong, it’s normal to feel helpless. And many develop thoughts like “nothing goes right for me,” “I already knew this would happen,” or “I never get anything anyway.”

If you deal with failure this way and let it define you, you have a fixed mindset trait. The growth mindset, on the other hand, sees mistakes as learning. Slips have always happened and will continue to happen. It’s up to you to learn from your mistakes.

How do you change your mindset?

If you have a fixed mindset and want to move to a growth mindset, look at the five questions below and start thinking about how you can change that reality.

What state are you currently in?

Before thinking about where you want to go, you need to understand where you are. To know this answer, it is necessary to invest in self-knowledge, as we will discuss below. Understand your current state. This is the starting point of your change journey.

Where do you want to go?

Are you aware of where you are, but do you know where you want to go? What is your vision of yourself in a few years? For the best route to be known, the destination must be determined.

Is there anything you can improve on?

Another critical step in this journey is your knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses. It is not uncommon to find people who know what their talents are but do not understand well the points that need improvement. However, knowing your vulnerabilities is essential for several reasons, including developing a positive mindset.

How to have focus and motivation?

It’s no use wanting to develop your mindset if you don’t have the focus and motivation to achieve that goal. Also, to build a winning attitude, you must be persistent and not give up in the face of difficulties. So try to be focused and committed to keep moving forward.

What do you think about dedicating yourself a little more?

Results do not fall from the sky; they are not the result of luck or chance. If you want to harvest, you need to plant. For that, you need dedication. Think about whether you are dedicating enough, and if you think you can save more, do so.

How to develop a positive mindset?

First, it is necessary to understand that we do not have just one type of mindset for all aspects of life. They vary depending on the situation. In addition, expert Carol S. Dweck does not determine the types of attitudes as right or wrong but comments on the advantages of the growth mindset — a model that. This model allows us to be more successful and contributes to our development.

We must remember that success is closely related to how we think, whether at work, in studies, in love, in friendships, or elsewhere. It’s no use trying to change an attitude if the mindset remains the same because the previous behavior always tends to return. It is necessary to program the mind and shape and develop our way of thinking. And the tips we’ve separated can help you with that. Check out below ways to nurture positive thoughts and eliminate sabotaging attitudes.

Increase your self-knowledge

The first step in changing our thoughts, behaviors, and attitudes is to develop self-knowledge, become aware of ourselves, and truly understand who we are.

We can understand what motivates our attitudes from the moment we get better. This makes it possible to make the necessary changes and develop a growth mindset.

Make plans

Your plans should aim for a better life than the current one, always aiming to grow. This will help you stay focused on your goals while also analyzing thoughts and actions to be modified to achieve success and reach the next stage in your evolutionary path.

Focus on the positive side

When something terrible happens, we tend to focus only on the negative parts of the situation, failing to see what is optimistic that can teach us something.

As much as it may not seem like it, the challenges we face have great transforming power and can strengthen our emotions, in addition to bringing teachings that help us to avoid making the same mistakes.

Always be around successful people.

It would help if you did not approach people out of interest but sought to learn from them. Successful people tend to have a lot to teach us based on their background. By coming with someone with this trait, you have the opportunity to understand how they act when things are going right and what they do when their plans go wrong.

A successful person can be a great example and an inspiration. With this, you will feel more motivated to make necessary changes in your life and develop a mindset. The purpose is to observe the perspective of these people and, from there, build your stand.

Read more

Reading is a powerful tool that acts on our minds by modifying thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs. Through reading, we can evolve in many aspects, leaving behind what hinders our professional and individual growth.

Therefore, it is essential that you develop the habit of reading and try, whenever possible, to include books that expand your knowledge about different subjects. Thus, you increase your repertoire and provoke a positive change in your mindset.