Best Travel Adventures in the World

By Dickson Osas


We always assumed that adventures were only for other people. We imagined ourselves working at jobs we didn’t enjoy, continually scrambling to save money for a vacation, or eventually settling for a life we didn’t want but felt compelled to live because of our station in life. Then we decided to live an adventurous life.

We surprised ourselves by discovering that anyone can live the life they desire. All we had to do was focus their minds on their goals and work hard to achieve them.

Top 6 Bucket List Ideas 

Here are some adventurous things that you must do before you die. So let’s look at the best six travel adventurous things in the world.

  •   Skydiving
  •  Jellyfish Lake in Palau
  •  Microlight flight
  •  Ice climbing a frozen waterfall
  • Water rippling
  •  Swimming with shark

1. Skydiving

Photo by Kamil Pietrzak

When it comes to activities that get your heart racing, few things can compare to jumping out of an airplane and plunging through the air on a breathtaking freefall. However, as the parachute opens, you will have the opportunity to take a breather and take in the breathtaking scenery below you.

You can get a bird’s eye view of the glittering lights of the Las Vegas Strip by going on a Las Vegas Tandem Skydive, or you can soar over the coast of Miami on a Miami Tandem Skydive for a beachside panorama.

2. Jellyfish Lake in Palau

Photo by Brianna Tucker

Since their stings are so mild, the millions of jellyfish that call Jellyfish Lake in the nation of Palau, located in the Micronesian archipelago, home, are considered safe. Nevertheless, being surrounded by jellyfish, some of which were brushing up against my body, was still insanely terrifying for the first five minutes of the experience. However, once the initial anxiety subsided, I found that this was one of my all-time favorite travel adventures on a bucket list.

3. Microlight Flight

Microlight Flight
Photo by Zhenyu Ye

Take a flight in a microlight and experience the rush of wind through your hair as you soar through the air to take in the breathtaking scenery below you.

A microlight flight may take you to many different places throughout the world. This one took place in the seas off the coast of Durban, South Africa, where we were able to take in the spectacular surroundings and observe sea lions in action.

4. Ice Climbing A Frozen Waterfall

Ice Climbing, Frozen waterfall
Ice Climbing

Ice climbing is a crazy adventure in which you not only have to worry about being sure-footed, but also about a piece of ice breaking off and either falling on your partner or taking you down with it. Ice climbing is a crazy adventure.

We were extremely fortunate to have a guide with years of experience in ice climbing, leading the way and ensuring that we were standing on the solid ice of a frozen waterfall.

There is no accomplishment more satisfying than reaching the mountain’s summit and taking in the breathtaking panorama at the top.

We were extremely fortunate to have a guide with years of experience in ice climbing, leading the way and ensuring that we were standing on the solid ice of a frozen waterfall.

5. Water Rappelling

Water Rappelling
Image by Imstudio1989

Some people call it repelling, while others call it abseiling. These terms refer to the same activity, which consists of dangling or bouncing majestically down a rock face. The activity known as water-rappelling is very similar to canyoneering, except that participants swing like Spider-Man down waterfalls. If you watched Bear Grylls put celebrities through their paces on Celebrity Survivor, you have already seen some of the most impressive water-rappelling sites in Costa Rica.

You get some practice in, and it’s possible to do it even if you have no background in it! While in Costa Rica, you might as well take advantage of the opportunity to ride Latin America’s longest zipline (1.5 kilometers long), where you’ll be clipped to the line by your back and fly through the rainforest like Superman.

6. Swimming with sharks

Swimming with sharks
Photo by Jakob Owens

There is no more effective way to demonstrate your bravery than by swimming in the ocean while sharks are swimming so close to you that you can feel the movement of their fins. You won’t be thrown into the ocean to recreate scenes from the movie Jaws, thank goodness; instead, you’ll be kept safe inside a cage and can go back to the boat at any time. 

Final Verdict

Every tourist has their own bucket list of exciting things to experience throughout the world, from tasting street cuisine in Singapore to seeing an opera in Vienna. However, because we spend so much of our time outside these days, we’ve included additional outdoor activities to your list above to make it more complete. So we hope you get the inspiration to do wild things on your own.