Get Paid to Travel 

By Dickson Osas

One of the most asked questions about traveling is whether it is possible to be paid to travel; without mincing words, Yes, it is 100% likely; this article will shed light on some of the best ways to get paid for traveling.

Many people dream of traveling worldwide and learning about diverse cultures, but many lack the financial means to do so. Others have saved up for a trip but need to learn how to make money online so they may get paid while on the road, and many more want to know if they can get paid to write online about their travel experiences or locate travel jobs while on the road.

There are good numbers of ways to travel for free and still get paid, and many are earning a living from traveling. Unbelievable, but the good thing is it is the absolute truth.

While there are other ways to earn money while traveling the world, the following are some of the most promising.

10 Ways to Make Money While Traveling Around The World

1. Public Speaking

There will be a conference or event for you if you are an expert on a particular topic (business, finance, technology, relationships, health, etc.).

Once you’ve been invited to speak at a conference, all expenses are typically covered (you’ll be flown there, put up in a fancy hotel, fed, and paid), and you’ll be taken on a tour or a trip nearby places in the country.

Public speaking is a guaranteed money-spinner for travelers with vast knowledge in certain areas of expertise. First, consider your areas of expertise, look for open conferences worldwide and apply to speak at one. The most effective technique to do this is to use Google.

2. Travel Blogging or Vlogging

Owning a travel blog or vlog can take you everywhere in the world; as much as this takes time and process, it’s still one of the surest ways to travel around the world and earn big, good enough, you can do this in conjunction with other jobs and still make a decent income on the side.

3. Become a Brand Ambassador

Becoming a brand ambassador for a company is an excellent way to get paid a massive sum of money and travel around the world, creating content for the company and promoting the product.

They only need you to try out their goods or service and then blog about them or share it on social media for your followers to see.

They frequently request that you travel to a specific location to produce a video on a particular topic showcasing their brand.

If you appreciate a business or a product, reach out to see if they’re looking for brand ambassadors.

4. English Language Teaching Jobs

There are countries where you can earn big as an English Language Tutor; this can be an opportunity to travel around the world for free since there is high demand for English Tutors in these places, employers are always willing to bear all travel expenses, and this opportunity abounds in countries like China, Brazil, and several other non-English speaking countries.

5. Work as a Social Media Influencer 

This entails using your online popularity to promote a place or a product. You’ll need to build up your social media accounts (especially Instagram and YouTube) to get companies’ numbers and reach.

Many tourism boards, travel corporations, and other businesses pay social media influencers large sums of money to promote their products.

This happens when you see an Instagrammer with a large following posing with a product and tagging the manufacturer. 

6. Getting a Job on a Cruise Ship

Working aboard a cruise ship can be ideal for getting paid to travel if you enjoy crafts, traveling, and people. You’ll cruise from seaport to seaport, allowing you to see new places.

Working on a cruise ship means you don’t have any bills; you’re getting paid to travel around the world for free.

7. Freelance Writing and Journalism

You can work as a freelance writer or journalist if you don’t want to build a blog and work for yourself. Many online and print newspapers will pay you to write an article for them, and some will even pay for your travel expenses if you are needed to write stories and news.

8. Tour Guide

Find a tour guide job and apply; once you are employed, your travel expense is all paid, and you can relocate to take up the job for free; it helps if you speak more than one language, as it will make your job easier and give you the chance to interact with the tourists. 

9. Become a flight attendant

Once you’re a flight attendant, it’s automatically a free pass to see almost everywhere in the world since you get to be on board every time; depending on your route, you can visit multiple countries every month, traveling and enjoying your life at no extra cost, while being paid for your service as an attendant, one good thing about this the of job is that benefits extend to—family members for as long as you work as a flight attendant.

10. Become a nanny 

Find out about the nanny Jobs abroad and apply; many people are looking to pay for your travel fees and visa to bring you in as a live-in nanny, this gives you the chance to see another part of the world, and the good thing is you can move to as many jobs as possible depending on how long you are willing to stay on one job.

Bottom line

Now that you have read about the possibility of getting paid to travel, now it’s toms to make up your mind and decide which of the options listed above is best for you, trust me it is very much possible and if you are so passionate about traveling around the world without spending a dime, this is all the information you need to make up your mind.