Photo Taking Hacks When You Are Traveling Alone

By Dickson Osas

Photography is a critical aspect of human life because it brings back memories and captures some of the most beautiful and important moments in our lives.

 If you’re a travel fanatic who wants to shoot a lot of photographs, you might be able to obtain some guidance with your images if you travel with others. you want to take a lot of photos, you may get some help with your shots if you are traveling in the company of others.

Still, it can be a little challenging when you are traveling alone, sometimes, you may run out of ideas, but in this article, you will learn some easy tricks to get the best out of your travel photos and even get some innovative ideas to take great pictures especially when all you have is a mobile phone.

the truth is not everybody can afford to travel with a Digital photo camera, regardless of whether you have a camera or a smartphone you can still take amazing photos and have a beautiful travel experience, read further as we discuss the tips for taking perfect travel pictures:

Photo Taking Tips When You Travel Alone 

1. Get a remote and Tripod 

Having a tripod and remote will help take some great pictures as you don’t want to keep handling your phones to random strangers to help take some shots; try as much as possible to avoid this if you don’t want to lose your phone to thieves who might just run with it, there are some travel tripod that comes with remote control and are super compact and easy to carry, so you don’t have to be worried about moving heavy stuff all around.

whenever you are ready to take pictures, set up your Tripod, mount the phone, set your camera timing and strike a pose, you will be surprised to know how many beautiful photos you can take all by yourself. Nevertheless, you can still take great pictures even if you don’t have a remote control; mount your phone and set the countdown times while you strike a pose, and push it’s a nice shot.

2. Location Scouting

This is one of the first things to do when traveling and you want to take loads of pictures, go online to search for places with beautiful landscapes, architecture, monuments, or cafes; having this in mind will add to your photo inspiration and help out when planning your shots and the poses that complement the backgrounds.

3. Colour Planning

As a photo enthusiast or if you are a travel photographer, this is one area of photography you should understand better if you want to get a fabulous and harmonious picture; when you study your location, the visible colors of the environment helps in planning your outfit and chose the one that perfectly harmonizes with the background.

check out your color wheel and color theory to find out about complementary colors so that any time you’re planning a photoshoot you have perfect ideas of the matching colors, that way you save yourself the trouble of taking an odd-looking picture due to contrasting foreground and background colors.

4. Know the time to arrive

You need to study the location to know at what time of the day it usually has fewer people. Once you know this, you can plan to go out there during that period and take your pictures before more people arrive; for instance, you can get to the location very early in the morning, around 5 – 6 AM.

Within this period you can have the whole place to yourself and a series of pictures, whether it’s a garden, square or a park, you should plan to spend between 1½ to 2 hours taking pictures so by the time people start coming you are already done taking your shots.

I know this might sound a bit difficult as you don’t want to wake up so early all in the name of taking pictures but here is a better alternative, every city and every country has a time of the day when it’s not so busy with lesser people outside, the google always have a better idea, search google and when you know that time, make it a point to go out for picture taking within that time, do what you have to do before the rush hour returns.

5. Set up the shot

Here you must understand how to mount your phone on the Tripod, how high or low to place the Tripod depending on how much you intend to capture and make sure your camera is not directly facing the sun if you don’t want a shot destroyed by sun glare and if you have a remote move a certain distance away from the camera, be sure the camera can capture your full body. Once you are satisfied with the setup, you can begin to press the remote while striking a different pose.

however, if you don’t have a remote control, you can still get amazing shots; all you have to do is to set your camera timer then move away from the camera, and strike a pose. In contrast, the timer on the camera does the count down; in this situation, since you will have to move up and down to set the timer, you will need to mark where you stand so that you don’t miss the spot, strike a perfect pose every time you are back at the site and voila! Your shot is taken.

6. Know your angle

In photography, knowing your angle is essential as it helps bring out your beauty, set the camera in a way to capture your best side, move around a lot, do a lot of test poses, and see which works best for you once you get the right angle, then you are good to go.

7. Composition

One of the essential elements in photography is composition. Once you understand this, taking beautiful pictures will be a seamless feat; understanding composition is what makes some celebrity photographers seem like they have superpowers with the kind of shots they take. Here are some of the things you must understand to take advantage of composition fully:

i. Framing: Wherever and whenever you are taking your pictures, always find a frame; it might be a window frame, a door, an arch, a gate, a natural boundary, or anything that might highlight you and put you in the spotlight.

ii. Try props: anything can be your prop; it could be food, sunglasses, hats, or handbags; anything you have on you can be used as props; take advantage of those stuff as they add more color to pictures.

iii. Apply the rule of thirds: this is a method of dividing your frames into two horizontal lines and two vertical lines; this way, you place your subject along the line or at the intersection, and that way, you get perfect shots.

Bottom line

 Trying out these ideas on your travel will leave you taking pictures like a pro, and you will come back feeling like a superstar; some of the ideas shared in this article will be beneficial. Regardless of the type of picture you are taking, whether personal or professional, if you are a solo traveler and need to take some beautiful images, this is all you need.