Places to Visit in Kenya – Top 8 Places You Must Visit

By Dickson Osas

Kenya is a country of dramatic extremes and classic contrasts, and it is famous for its traditional savanna safaris. Kenya has a lot of different landscapes and environments. It has deserts and snowy mountains, forests and open plains, the busy city of Nairobi, colorful tribal cultures, freshwater lakes, and coral reefs, to name a few.

Many people see Kenya as a smaller version of East Africa. Tourists also like to climb Mount Kenya, ride in a hot air balloon over the Masai Mara, and snorkel in Malindi, which is on the coast of the Indian Ocean. However, Kenya’s most popular tourist spots for the last few decades have been wildlife safaris.

Top Tourist Attractions in Kenya

The following is a list of the top Kenya tourist attractions that you should see on your next vacation to this African beauty. Make it a point to include some of your favorite travel buddies in your plans!

  • Amboseli National Park
  • Nairobi
  •  Mombasa
  •  Malindi
  •  Lambu island
  • Jamia Mosque
  •  Uhuru Gardens
  •  Fourteen Falls

1. Amboseli National Park

Mt. Kilimanjaro , Kenya park
Photo by Sergey Pesterev

A small park, Amboseli National Park, may be found close to Kenya’s border with Tanzania. Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest peak in all of Africa, may be seen in the distance from this location. The park is often regarded as the top destination in Africa for getting up close and personal with elephants allowed to roam free. You will have the opportunity to interact with Maasai people and take in breathtaking panoramas of Mount Kilimanjaro when visiting Amboseli National Park.

2. Nairobi

Nairobi City, Kenya
Photo by Mustafa Omar

In Nairobi, the country’s capital and largest city, you’ll discover a wide variety of options to choose from if you’re looking for things to do in Kenya besides going on a safari. It is common knowledge that Nairobi Kenya has an exciting and varied colonial history. People interested in making their fortune in the coffee and tea industries flocked to the city when it was first established as the capital of British East Africa. As a result, the city’s well-known historic structures and unique wildlife-related activities are now open to the public and can be visited today.

Do you have an interest in seeing some of Kenya’s cultural sites? There are a variety of exciting places to go sightseeing in Nairobi. Exhibits covering Kenya’s history, natural history, culture, and current art may be found under one roof at the Nairobi National Museum, a unique one-stop shop. Green thumbs will also like the grounds’ botanic gardens.

3. Mombasa

Mombasa Beach
Image by Elegance Nairobi

Mombasa is Kenya’s major port city on the country’s southeast coast. Due to its unique culture, Mombasa, as a cosmopolitan city, is a tourist magnet that attracts all sorts of tourists. It is one of the most well-known tourist sites in Kenya, and it features a melting pot of many different cultures, customs, arts, architectural styles, and cuisines, including British, Portuguese, Arab, Indian, and Asian influences. This city is well-known for its beaches, coral reefs, historic sites, and vibrant street markets.

4. Malindi

Malindi,Kichwa Tembo House, Malindi, Kenya
image by John McArthur

Malindi, located on Kenya’s coast, is an excellent starting point for exploring the country’s coastal attractions due to its beautiful beaches and extensive coral reefs.. There are a variety of water sports accessible, including surfing, snorkelling, deep-sea fishing, and more. Malindi Marine National Park is a protected region with beautiful beaches, pure water, and a variety of brightly colored fish. Malindi has a domestic airport connected to Mombasa and Lamu by a highway.

5. Lamu Island

Lamu Island kenya
Photo by Antonio Lainez

Along with the bulk of Kenya’s coastline, Lamu Island, part of the Lamu Archipelago, has been spared the harm caused by mass tourism. As a result, Lamu Town, Kenya’s oldest inhabited town, has maintained all of the allure and personality that it has cultivated over the decades. Lamu Island has no highways, only alleyways and pathways. Hence there are few motorized cars on the island. Instead, residents go by foot or water, and donkeys transport products and commodities.

6. Jamia Mosque

Jamia Mosque
Photo by Yonko Kilasi

Jamia Mosque, located in Nairobi’s central business sector, is a prominent worship site in Kenya. One of the best locations to visit in Kenya is this religious monument, which is well-known for the architecture influenced by Arabic culture. It also contains a library and a training center devoted to teaching Islam to those interested in the religion.

7. Uhuru Gardens

Uhuru Gardens
image by Jonathan Stonehouse

Due to the presence of a significant monument and a beautiful lake, this recreational park that spans an area of 13 hectares is considered one of the most popular tourist sites in Kenya. In addition, it is a famous picnic location where people can spend quality time with their loved ones in the middle of lush greenery and enjoy a calm stroll away from the city’s traffic.

8. Fourteen Falls

Fourteen Falls, Thika kenya 14falls
Photo by Bo Passer

As its name suggests, this park features fourteen breathtaking waterfalls and other activities and trips. Activities such as boating, observing birds, fishing, and taking pictures to fall under this category. To get the most out of your time at this site, it is recommended that you take a tour that covers the entirety of the region and that you educate yourself on its history and geography. This is undoubtedly one of the best secret locations to see in Kenya that you must not overlook!

Final Verdict

Wildlife safaris have played a key role in Kenya’s tourism industry for decades. Aside from animal safaris, there’s cultural richness, beautiful landscapes, fantastic treks, and world-class beaches.