Strange Dress Codes Around the World

By Dickson Osas

Dressing up is not about wearing dazzling designers or donning pricey jewelry and cosmetics. Instead, it’s an absolute term that implies that various people have different perspectives on fashion; as a result, governments in some nations have enacted strict restrictions to regulate how people dress in public spaces. Some of these rules aim to rein in people’s excesses and regulate social vices.

Different places in the world have their unique style of dressing and fashion; in most places, how a person is dressed will say a lot about them and their culture. However, a lot of things go to determine how people dress, the climatic condition of a place, the culture, fashion trend, religion, and personal choice all these are factors that determine how a person is dressed, 

Meanwhile, different places in the world have some laid down rules and modes of dressing accepted in their community; this article will discuss some of such places with strict laws guiding how people dress in public or what to wear to different occasions.

It is important to know this if you are a traveler or a tourist trying to explore new places, find out about the culture, the dress code, and the laws of the place ahead of your travel to avoid getting yourself into unnecessary trouble because of your dressing style.

A Few Places in the World and Their Peculiar Dress Codes

1. Pants/trousers (North Korea and Sudan)

In these two places, women are prohibited from wearing pants/trousers in public; there is a serious punishment for any woman caught with trousers in these two places as they publicly forbid women from putting on such dresses, in case you plan on going to any of these places as a woman makes sure you do not wear trousers to any public places as their law forbid it.

2. camouflage (Barbados)

 This Is another country with stringent laws on certain types of clothing; wearing camo or any military outfit is prohibited, and wearing any type of camouflage without being military personnel is a punishable offense in Barbados, even children at not exempted, so if you’re a fan of camouflage dresses make sure you don’t wear in public places when you visit Barbados.

3. Flip-Flop (Spain)

In case you don’t know or reading it for the first time, you can’t wear flip-flops or any open-toe shoes while driving in Spain, it is a punishable offense, and it comes with a serious penalty, know this if ever have to drive in any of the cities in Spain make sure you have covered shoe on.

4. Heels (Greece)

 In Greece, wearing heels to their historic places is not allowed as they believe heels can damage their precious ancient monuments and structures; wearing heels to these locations comes with severe punishment.

5. Loose-fitting dress (France)

 men are not allowed to wear loose-fitting dresses in public swimming pools in France; if you love swimming, make sure you get your speedo as it’s the only type of dress allowed to be worn, wearing a loose-fitting dress to the public swimming pool in francs as a man can get you in serious trouble as it is prohibited. 

6. Revealing clothes/cross-dressing (Saudi Arabia)

 Women in Saudi Arabia are not allowed to wear any dress type that shows their chin, knee, legs, or head, while men are not allowed to cross-dress; there is zero tolerance for this act, and anyone caught flouting this rule will be made to face severe punishment.

7. Ripped Jean and cycling shorts (Harrods London)

 This might be a bit surprising, but adding it to the list might help to save someone from embarrassment; wearing ripped jeans, cycling shorts, or shirts with offensive writing is not allowed in Harrods, so if you have a plan to visit or shop there, make sure your dresses pass all these tests to avoid any trouble.


These are some of the strange dressing codes applicable in different places across the world, there are some other ones not mentioned in this list, but it is important to find out about the dress codes allowed in different, especially if you are the type that travels around a lot, this will go a long way to save you from the unnecessary mess.