Tips for Airbnb First Time User

By Dickson Osas

Sign Up for Airbnb 

To use Airbnb’s service, you must first create an account with them. To do so, go to and click sign up. You can make an account using either your email or Facebook.
You must first complete your profile before you can begin your first booking. Enter your correct information, including your full legal name, phone number, Email address, and a brief introduction about yourself.

Airbnb does not operate the same way as Hotel, so reservation is not guaranteed. However, since most of the house on Airbnb belongs to other people, it’ll be up to the hosts to decide whether or not to accept your reservation, so building a trustworthy profile will pay off.

What Does Airbnb Stand for?

When a local conference was held in San Francisco in 2007, two friends, Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia, decided to make some extra money by renting out a few air mattresses in their living room while also serving breakfast; they coined the phrase “Airbnb.” They quickly realized that all of the hotel rooms near the conference were booked out, so they built the Air Bed and Breakfast website to offer their space, which sold out quickly.

That’s how Airbnb was born. The corporation is currently valued at more than $31 billion.

Have You Stayed in Airbnb Apartment Before? 

Airbnb allows you to stay in a person’s home and is a fantastic alternative to hotels. You can choose an apartment to stay in for the night or even rent out a building for a month, especially if you are vacationing for a specific time!

Airbnb is fast gaining popularity among travelers, and people are beginning to settle for this option in place of hotels, but to get the best deals, you must adequately learn how to use Airbnb.
If you’re prepared to:
Read on, as this article is meant to provide excellent tips on how first-time users can successfully book Airbnb apartments, get the best deal, and save a considerable amount of money.

Continue reading for more insights on how you can book Airbnb and enjoy the best offer.

 Find the Property of Your Choice 

To get your choice of apartment or home on Airbnb, the best way is to make sure you tailor your search to your need to be able to get the one that perfectly matches your search.

The four alternatives are as follows:

● Entire home: 

In this category, the whole of the whole house belongs to you for the period of your stay.

● Private room:

Here, you’ll have your space and share certain common areas, such as a kitchen and bathroom.

● Hotel room: 

This is a new addition to Airbnb here; you are offered private or shared rooms in boutique hotels, hostels, or other accommodations.

Shared room: 

This type offers you room in a shared home, such as a standard room.

For instance, if you’re on a limited budget, you can search a shared apartment where you get the chance to rent a single room. 

The website has been built so that you can filter your search to narrow down your results to a specific number of rooms or accommodation types you are looking for.

 Inspect All the Photos Carefully

The photographs of the property uploaded by the host can reveal a lot about the house you want to book. If the listing only has a few pictures, proceed with caution.

Or if the pictures uploaded don’t include the critical areas of the house like the bedroom or bathroom.

The most professional hosts will show you several photos from various angles of all the rooms to give you a good impression of their property. Critically inspecting the images will help you decide whether it’s the ideal property for you to book.

Study the Location, Amenities, and Descriptions

If you’re visiting a city for the first time, finding out about the location of the Airbnb apartment you are about to book is very critical.

Airbnb does not provide you with the specific listing address until you book it, but it shows you the approximate neighborhoods within a few blocks, which might give some clues. 

Use Google Maps to look up the approximate position. It might look lovely, but what if it is close to rail tracks or located within a heavily industrialized area? What if the property is located remotely from the city than you anticipated? Proper research and understanding of the area site will help you avoid awkward surprises.

How Long Do You Intend to Stay?

One good thing about Airbnb is that they usually give discounts once you stay beyond one week.

Airbnb’s reward system ensures that people staying longer get a discount. Another alternative is to contact the host directly and ask how many nights you have to wait to qualify for a discount.

Here are some of the discounts available according to some regular Airbnb users:

Long stay discounts: 

This discount applies to people that last for more than a week.

Early bird discount: 

Some hosts will give you a deal if you make a booking up to 60 days ahead.

Monthly discount: 

This is another discount package; you only qualify for this when you stay for up to a month

Interact With the Host

Interacting with the host can help you get a better deal and the most out of your trip. When you find a listing you want to book, follow these steps:

Ask Questions About the Listing and Evaluate Their Response

It is not necessary to communicate with the host because Airbnb is not a hotel that provides 24-hour service. Send a message to the potential host who might be able to help you. It’s a red flag if it takes them days to respond. You don’t want to spend your entire vacation trying to reach them if there is a gas leak, burst pipe, or thing goes wrong.

In most cases, a good host will respond within 24 hours. Some people even return within an hour or two.

Expected Arrival Time

Like hotels, most Airbnb locations have set check-in and check-out times. However, some hosts are stricter than others. You may arrive late at night if you are traveling from afar. In a hotel, this isn’t usually an issue. However, with Airbnb, it may be harder to schedule.

Make sure to let your host know when you’ll arrive so they can see whether they can accommodate you.

Another excellent suggestion is to inquire if you can check in sooner. If they don’t have any visitors staying the night before, you might be able to stay in your Airbnb for longer hours.

Make a Reservation

Airbnb differs from hotels and other types of reservations because, in this setup, the host has complete control over how each booking is approved. The host has different alternatives for what they can offer on their property.

i. Instant Booking

This option allows you to book straight away. The host does not need to approve the reservation before the booking goes through. Booking gets automatic approval. Such listings, usually have the Instant Booking or Book now button to make bookings.

ii. Request to Book

Usually, some hosts will like to provide final approval to reservations before a booking is made. The booking button on such a listing will indicate “Request to Book” in this situation.

After you click, you continue through the booking procedure, filling up your payment information and waiting for the host to confirm your reservation. Hosts have 24 hours to accept your request; once they; concept the proposal, you will receive a booking confirmation.

Learn About the Payment Options

You are required to submit your payment information during an Airbnb apartment booking the payment will be processed as soon as the host approves the booking.

Airbnb does not have the book now pay later option; all fees must be paid upfront. Nonetheless, the host will not be released to the host until 24 hours after you must have checked in, giving you time to contact Airbnb if something goes wrong.
Airbnb accepts most credit cards and pre-paid debit cards. PayPal is also accepted in some countries, and various additional payment alternatives depend on your location.
To avoid Fraud, Airbnb does not accept cash payments; all payments must go through the Airbnb booking page. 

Learn About the Check-out Procedure

Each Airbnb has its checkout policies. It’s essential to find out how it works out with the one you book, so you know when you have to vacate the property and whether or not there is a place to keep your luggage if there is a need for that.

Some Airbnb hosts may ask you to leave the key in the house and shut the door while leaving, while others will prefer you go to their presence to collect the key and ensure you leave the property in the same condition as when you arrived.

Give an Honest Review

After your first and subsequent Airbnb stays, Airbnb will email you to write a review for your host. Be as honest as possible when writing assessments because they give future guests information about the property and what to expect if they book such property.