Top 10 Busiest Airports in The World

By Dickson Osas

Airports are not just havens of liberty but also the jumping-off point for many journeys and experiences. Of course, they were all highly busy before the crisis we are going through; nevertheless, which airports in the world are currently the busiest?

The Airports Council International (ACI) is responsible for compiling and releasing an annual ranking of the world’s busiest airports. This ranking is derived from data collected from more than 175 different nations. In addition, the total number of passengers is used to quantify the amount of traffic at an airport.

According to figures provided by ACI, the ten busiest airports in the world served about 863,420,02 passengers in 2019, which is a 1.5 percent increase over 2018. The order of the world’s busiest airports has, for the most part, remained the same from one year to the next. Atlanta, Beijing, Dubai, or perhaps Paris

List of Top 10 Busiest Airports

On April 11th, the Airports Council International (ACI) World released a list of the world’s top ten busiest airports for 2021. The ranking is based on data compiled from airports around the world beginning in 2021, indicating signs of traffic recovery in a world that has been affected by a pandemic.

1. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Image by risingther

With over 110 million passengers in 2019, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL), the world’s busiest airport the year before, fell to second place in 2020. This airport had around 43 million fewer passengers in 2020, a 61.2 percent drop.

In 2020, the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta will no longer hold the title of the busiest airport in the world, breaking a streak that lasted for the previous 22 years. In addition, ACI World forecasts that the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport will be the Chinese airport with the biggest number of passengers in 2020.

2. Denver International Airport

denver international airport
Photo by Joshua Sukoff

58,828,556 passengers traveled through Denver International Airport in 2017. Compared to the number of travelers in 2020, this is a 74.4 percent increase.
The Denver International Airport (DEN) was consistently ranked as one of the busiest airports in the United States in the year 2020.

However, it has the potential to be more than just a significant hub. Several wild conspiracy theories are floating around about the airport. These theories involve the Illuminati as well as underground bunkers and other elements.

3. Chicago O’Hare International Airport 

Chicago O'Hare International Airport 
Image by Hunter Ramos

 Chicago Illinois O’Hare International Airport, which serves close to 70 million passengers annually, is one of the world’s busiest — and also one of the largest, with seven runways and 178 gates. In 2021, there will be 54.020.39 passengers traveling through O’Hare, a 75.1% increase over 2020.

4. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
Photo by Briana Tozour

In 2018, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) was the second-busiest airport in the United States; in 2020, it will be the fourth-busiest airport in the world.

In 2021, 62,465,758 passengers passed through the terminals at Dallas Fort Worth Texas. This is a 58.7 percent rise from 2020 when Dallas-Fort Worth Airport was the fourth busiest airport.

5. Los Angeles International Airport

LAX Airport
Photo by Jeremy Bezanger

California’s Los Angeles International Airport Last year, less than 48 million people passed through LAX’s terminals. Despite a 66.8 percent increase in the number of passengers in 2020, this figure is 45 percent lower than the number of passengers in 2019.

6. Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Charlotte Douglas International Airport
Photo by VOO QQQ

There was a 59% increase in North Carolina’s Charlotte Douglas International passenger traffic in 2021, with 43,302,230 passengers passing via its terminals.

7. Florida’s Orlando International Airport

Orlando International Airport
Photo by Sean Nufer

Surprisingly, the number of travelers at Orlando International increased by an astounding 86.7 percent in the past year. In 2021, the airport served 40,351,068 passengers, to put it in simple terms.

This year’s inclusion of Orlando International in the rankings is also noteworthy. This is why: According to Reuters, this is the first time  MCO Orlando International Airport has been on ACI World’s ranking of the ten busiest airports.

8. China’s Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

China's Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
Photo by Jay Zhang

According to ACI World, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport will have 43,767,558 passengers in 2020, making it the busiest airport in the world and making it the busiest airport in the world. In contrast, the number of passengers decreased by 8 percent to 40,254,401 last year.

9. Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport: Shanghai, China

Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
Photo by Wengang Zhai

In 2020, Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport (SHA) had more than 30 million passengers, down 31.7 percent from 2019, when it had more than 45 million.

10. Las Vegas’s Harry Reid International Airport, Nevada

Spirit Airline at Harry Reid International Airport
Photo by Lukas Souza

Harry Reid International, which used to be called McCarran International Airport, has seen a big jump in passengers over the past year, just like Orlando International and Charlotte Douglas International.

In 2021, there were 39,754,366 passengers at Harry Reid International, a remarkable 78.6% increase from 2020.


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