Top 7 Places in Nigeria to Visit- Best Tourist Attraction Places

By Dickson Osas

Tourist attractions can attract global attention, which extends beyond the construction of a physical structure and includes structures or locations of natural and biological significance. They exemplify historical importance and exceptional beauty capable of awe-inspiring and amusing the public; The physical evidence of genius architectural designs and brain work, combined with the mysterious dynamism of natural ingenuity, make them the destination of choice for a memorable tourism experience.

Nigeria has a lot to offer visitors, whether they are only there for a short time or are in the process of getting a residency card. And since you haven’t lived somewhere until you’ve traveled there, here are 7 places in Nigeria that you shouldn’t miss.

Top 7 places to visit in Nigeria

1. Abuja

Abuja Nigeria
Photo by David Rotimi

Abuja is Nigeria’s capital city. It is in the middle of the country, which is a good spot. It is one of the best-planned cities in the world, and the National Stadium, National Mosque, and National Christian Centre are great examples of architecture.

It is also where the National Assembly, the Presidential Palace, and many other government buildings, such as the Supreme Court, have their headquarters. The 400-meter-tall Aso Rock is a single rock that can be seen everywhere in the city.

2. Benin City

benin city nigeria, edo state , naija,
Image by Cassandra Duval

Edo state’s capital is Benin City. It is one of the country’s oldest cities, dating back to before the Europeans came. It is a must-see place in Nigeria because of its unique history and culture.

The city is also known for its bronze sculptures and other arts and crafts, some of which are on display in museums worldwide.

Food lovers will also enjoy Benin City. You can find delicious local dishes like pounded yam and ogbono soup at food markets, restaurants, and street vendors throughout the city.

3. Calabar state of the cross-river

image by MediaMOF

This is one of Nigeria’s most expensive and well-decorated state capitals. It is even called the most beautiful city in Nigeria, and new things are constantly being built there. The landscape is gorgeous, and how these cities are run and kept safe is top-notch. There are also luxury resorts and executive hotels in Calabar.

4. Owerri, Imo State

Photo by Tope A. Asokere

There are many places to visit in Owerri, such as the Oguta Lake, the Ada palm plantation, and the Mbari cultural and art center. The city is beautiful and has a lot to do and see at night. The land is laid out well, and the buildings add to the beauty of the natural features.

5. Lekki Conservation Center

Lekki Conservation Center
Photo by Opeyemi Adisa

The Lekki Conservation Centre in Lagos is one of Nigeria’s finest nature reserves. This conservation and relaxation center provides a breath of fresh air and a respite from Lagos’s ceaseless commotion. The Nigerian Conservation Foundation manages and operates the 21-year-old, 78-hectare nature center as a Conservation Center (NCF). Lekki Conservation Centre is the Nigeria Conservation Foundation’s flagship project for conserving the unique biodiversity and scenic, natural, and scientific recreational values of western Nigeria’s coastal environs.

6. Agodi Gardens

Agodi Gardens
Photo by Raphaël Biscaldi

Ibadan’s Agodi Gardens is a lovely park that has become one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations. Also known as Agodi Botanical Gardens and Agodi Gardens, Ibadan, the 150-acre site is a tranquil environment. Families typically frequent it during holidays and weekends. Its peaceful and quiet atmosphere makes it the ideal place to take a break from the hustle and bustle, reevaluate life values, or hang out with friends and family.

7. New Afrika Shrine

Fela kuti, New Afrika Shrine
Photo by Ayoola Salako

You can’t discuss Nigerian tourist attractions without mentioning the New Afrika Shrine. But do you want to take your nightlife adventures to the next level? Then consider Fela Shrine, also known as The New Afrika Shrine. From the musical genre to the inspirational story-telling lyrics, Not to mention the sacred palm wine, which will revitalize your African spirit.

The New Afrika Shrine is an open-air entertainment complex in Ikeja, Lagos State. It is the location for the annual Felabration music festival.

Final Verdict

Can you think of a place in Nigeria that is popular with tourists? You may be familiar with well-known tourist destinations like Olumo Rock, Zuma Rock, Yankari, Oniru Beach, and others.

However, did you know that Nigeria is home to several other exciting but more minor well-known tourist destinations? If not, you should know that you are missing out. However, you need not be concerned; the information you seek can be found in this article. So we hope you will get enough information by reading this.