Tourist Destinations You Should Visit in Qatar

By Dotun Ola

In just two decades, the island nation of Qatar has protruded like a short finger into the Arabian Gulf and systematically transformed its arid landscape into smart cities, fashionable neighborhoods, reclaimed land for high-life-living, and cutting-edge venues to host international events.

So if the destination for your next vacation happens to be Qatar, outlined below are activities and places to visit you should consider.

For those going for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, you should consider checking out some of these places below.

  • The National Museum

The National Museum of Qatar, a massive 430,500-square-foot building that was inaugurated in 2019 on the site of Sheikh Abdullah bin Jassim Al-old Thani’s palace, ought to be the first destination. The beautiful structure was created by French architect Jean Nouvel, winner of the Pritzker Prize, and is based on a crystal formation discovered in the desert called the desert rose.

The illustrations are equally breathtaking and the storytelling engrossing as well as the artifacts and films that show how Qatar has changed over the centuries, illuminating.

  • Take A Look At Katara Cultural Village

The Katara Cultural Village is situated halfway between West Bay and Pearl Island. There are many museums, the QM Gallery Katara, galleries, sculptures, and a wonderful beach in this sizable Islamic-style city.

It has two mosques, one of which was created by Turkish architect Zeynep Fadiloglu and has Persian and Turkish tile and enamel work in blue and gold tones reminiscent of Istanbul’s Dolmabahçe Palace, and the second mosque, sparkles in the sunlight because of its gold tiles. There are a few oblong pigeon towers nearby that have holes and perches for the birds.

Beyond the majestic amphitheater is a stunning sculpture of Mother Nature named The Force of Nature.

  • The Qatari Pearl

The Pear of Qatar is an island that was developed as a high-end luxury neighborhood using reclaimed land. While the design exudes a Mediterranean flavor with luxurious houses and hotels that are reflected in the waters of a yacht-filled harbor, its name honors those exhilarating days of pearl diving.

Although shopping is a major attraction, simply strolling around or sipping coffee while listening to birds sing overhead and watching glistening boats bob on their laurels is extremely pleasant.

  • Learn Paddle Boarding

Consider pausing your leisurely stroll and cup of local coffee at The Pearl to go paddleboarding for an amazing experience. You will be taken out on the water by the neighborhood school, and before long you’ll be paddleboarding like a pro.

  • Camel Ride Or Hit A Sand Dune

A 10-minute camel ride is followed by an adrenaline-pumping rush into the desert in an air-conditioned 44 to ascend, crest, and descend high-reaching sand dunes on an organized trip. Dune bashing is a well-liked activity among both residents and visitors.

In order to see the sunset, this tour makes a halt at the Khor Al Adaid (Inland Sea), which borders the Saudi border.

  • The Waqif Souq

The Souq Waqif in Doha is a cultural treat and essentially the only site to see how Qatar used to be, as you can see the city’s past appearance from its architecture.

People buy and sell upholstery and spices and items such as a falcon (the cherished national bird kept as a pet), ceramics, pashmina, traditional lanterns, rubaba (a square decorative violin with a single string), an Arabian horse, may be purchased there.

Another key benefit is that it is sociable, in that it is where Qataris enjoy hanging out at bars to drink sweet Karak and smoke traditional shisha with fruit-flavored tobacco.

  • Aspire Park

Doha has not neglected to incorporate vegetation into its desert setting among all the high rises, as evidenced by the 88-hectare Aspire Park, which is the largest in the city. It is a great place to stroll in the late afternoon light and features fountains, ponds, and kids’ play areas.

  • Shopping Centers

The Villagia Mall, which is in the Aspire Zone, is arguably the most lovely. This 200-store mall was designed with Venice as its architectural model, and it even has interior Venetian canals where gondola rides are available. City Centre Doha, the largest retail center, contains an ice skating rink and its own movie theater.

Visit BOHO Social Restaurant Bohemian-inspired fine-casual lounge and terrace are available at BOHO Social, where the Middle East serves as the menu’s starting point as it travels across the Americas, Asia, and Southern Europe.

  • Restaurant Jiwan

Make sure to eat lunch at the Jiwan restaurant, which Alain Ducasse designed. The National Museum’s fourth level is home to this lovely café, where you can enjoy outside dining. The sensation of the sea meets the desert is evoked by the wavy curved surfaces and the colors of the desert sands. Try the mouthwatering red lentil koftas and butternut and cinnamon rissole.