Travel Tips for Lone Travelers

By Dotun Ola

If you are a lone traveler and you plan to travel the world, this article is for you as it would help you plan properly and save you lots of expenses without missing anything that is worthwhile in your sojourn.

1. Arranging a Flight

Many individuals believe that purchasing a return ticket is always less expensive than purchasing two separate tickets. I have found that this isn’t always the case, though. Yes, it is true that round-trip tickets are frequently less expensive, but if you shop around carefully, you may get a very good offer.

2. Consider a Trip During Low Tourist Visits

Another piece of fundamental advice for cheap travel is for you to figure out when the off-season is in the location you want to take a trip to, by doing some due diligence. Simply choose a season when it is colder outside but not wet, which will mean that all the tourists are not out and about and so things would cost considerably less and you’ll also get a more genuine glimpse of the location. You will be able to learn more about that country and the people living there by watching how they actually live.

3. Utilize Reservation Websites for Lodging

Also, there are numerous websites where you can book a reservation for lodging, and most times you’ll find a better deal than walking head-on into the hotel.

4. Examine the Currency Rates

Keeping up with the global economy trends comes in handy. So you should compare the currencies of your home nation and the one you plan to travel to, in order to make the right decision in terms of planning your budget.

5. Think of Tour Packages

You can still take advantage of the opportunities of tour packages even if you go alone. Just look into the costs of group excursions to the locations you desire. Leave the logistics to the experts. That’s also a lot simpler. There are numerous businesses out there that cater to single travelers.

6. Consider Staying in a Hostel

A very good course of action for a lone traveler is to stay at a hostel because it means that you get to pay less and make new friends while sharing a room with others.

In addition to having pools, gyms, and other amenities, numerous exquisite hostels plan a wide range of activities for their visitors, varying from culinary courses to themed parties to excursions to popular sites, at little or no cost.

7. Purchase a Local Mobile Number

Being able to access the map, especially when you are traveling by yourself in a country that is foreign to you is vital. This is so because you can easily wander off the wrong trail and get lost. Which can be frightening, more so if there aren’t any English speakers nearby.

With the SIM card, you may avoid getting lost and avoid paying for cabs or public transportation by walking to neighboring attraction sites.

8. Don’t Use the ATM

The charges for using your regular bank card in another region/country when using an ATM can be very expensive. Due to the fact that your bank will charge a fee, the ATM will frequently charge a fee as well.

However, some banks would offer you a special card that can be used in transit and charge you a little amount per year. All you have to do is find out which banks in your country offer this service.

9. Avoid Changing Money at the Airport

Alternatively, trade a modest sum that should pay for your transportation to your lodging. It is essential to be aware that the exchange rate at the airport is appalling, and if you are exchanging a large sum, you are essentially being taken advantage of.

10. Take More Money Than Your Budget Suggest and Pack-light

Although it may seem contrary to the intent of everything that was stated earlier in the article, setting your precise budget in advance when traveling never works. Additionally, the clothing portion is merely there to facilitate your movement while hiking and prevent you from being charged extra for additional baggage at the airport.

11. Take Public Transport and Optimize Rides

The amount of money that can be saved when you use public transportation can not be overemphasized. But if you don’t feel at ease in the public parks, then split the cost of a ride with other passengers when you use Uber and other taxi-hailing services. Another bonus is the fact that the drivers utilize GPS, which means you won’t struggle to communicate your destination to a driver who doesn’t understand English.

12. Limit Restaurant Eating 

Although there are lots of inexpensive restaurants, you can’t know about them the first time, so avoid them as much as possible because this is a key money-saving tactic.